Top 10 Mac CRM Software In 2022

Do you hear about Mac CRM Software? CRM here brings a Mac-based software which can be used by entire organizations and manage your salesforce to increase sales. In any business, the customer is the main source of success. Apart from simply purchasing the products, the customers do impact your company in certain ways. CRM for Mac is the software made for MAC users. It is a cloud-based solution built particularly for Mac OS. Highly configurable and multi-user system includes all features of traditional CRM which include contacts, accounts, pipeline, campaign, issue tracking, reporting, workflow, emails and many more. CRM software for Mac is suitable for all small and medium-sized organization or companies that use Mac. This is an excellent option for managing the customer relationships, only few CRM for mac are available on the market. Therefore to find the top CRM software, you need to evaluate the options available right for your customer relationship management. We bring below some of the best Mac CRM software that is designed to serve any needs of small to large businesses. We have gathered them through the reviews and ratings shown in the three popular websites like GetApp, G2Crowd, and Capterra:

Mac CRM Software


What are the Best Mac CRM Software in 2022?

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best Mac CRM software | Top CRM software for MAC

1. HubSpot CRM – Everything you need to sell in one integrated suite

Our Score 98/100

About HubSpot CRM : HubSpot CRM is cloud-based CRM software for Mac that helps companies track and nurture leads and analyze business metrics. It is suitable for any business in a variety of segments, including accounting, construction, retail, etc. It allows users to create and manage email templates, track the performance of emails, etc. With the help of a visual dashboard, users can track customers’ interactions automatically from email, social media, phone, etc.

HubSpot Mac CRM Features : Campaign Management, Contact Management, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, List Management, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Referral Tracking

“We are 20 people & CRM is the cornerstone of every communication & interaction with the customer: HubSpot CRM has allowed us to rediscover the centrality of the individual – contact, without having to get lost among various software & email accounts. The deals are also a very well thought out & easy to manage tool.” – Giovanni F.

HubSpot CRM Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



2590+ Reviews


4640+ Reviews

2. Agile CRM – Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

Our Score 98/100

About Agile CRM : Agile CRM is amongst the top CRM solutions with fully integrated sales, marketing and service tools packed as an all-in-one suite of applications. More than 15,000 customers globally use this CRM tool to generate and nurture leads, eventually converting them to sales. From social media marketing to email tracking, from marketing automation to customer service, from contact management to project management, this solution does all the essential work for the business.

Agile CRM Mac CRM Features : Call Center Management, Campaign Management, Contact Management, Customer Support, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, List Management, Marketing Automation, Product Catalog, Project Management, Quotes / Proposals, Referral Tracking, Survey Management, Territory Management

“Posting to give a specis shoutout to Abhinav. two days in a row now he has helped me plow through some complicated issues, always with a good attitude and patience. Good support is hard to find in the SaaS world and whether it be Abhinav or someone else on the Agile CRM support team – they are all great.” – Jeff Henry

Agile CRM Reviews

Agile CRM


51 – 200





350+ Reviews


260+ Reviews

3. Zoho CRM – Multichannel CRM for businesses of all sizes

Our Score 97/100

About Zoho CRM : Zoho CRM is the best Mac CRM software available designed to grow your business. It aids the organization in boosting their sales, marketing, support, collaboration, finance, customer relation, etc. It allows users to focus on the business. The core functions of this solution include lead and contact management. It helps salespersons in having sales pipeline management and purchase control. It is cloud-based and has multichannel support for users to communicate with their customers.

Zoho Mac CRM Features : Call Center Management, Campaign Management, Contact Management, Customer Support, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, List Management, Marketing Automation, Product Catalog, Quotes / Proposals, Referral Tracking, Territory Management

“I have used Zoho CRM in two different companies and its performance was recommendable. It is easy to install and to use. All of our accountants must go through a three hours training for them to get the skills on how to use this product. It helps us in stock taking and understanding the best selling products in specific regions.” – jacob n.

Zoho CRM Reviews

Zoho Corporation

United States






3730+ Reviews


1610+ Reviews

4. Copper – (formerly ProsperWorks) The only CRM recommended for Google

Our Score 97/100

About Copper: Copper is one of the top CRM app designed for Mac. Offering complete integration with G Suite, this solution is cloud-based with top features such as document storage, territory management, task management, segmentation, internal chat integration, etc. It works for any industries like advertising, sales, real estate, etc. It also integrates with other tools such as MailChimp, Dropbox, etc., and provides real-time updates, follow up, and allows easy transfer of data.

Copper Mac CRM Features : Campaign Management, Contact Management, Customer Support, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, List Management, Project Management, Quotes / Proposals, Territory Management

“Really easy to use, sync well with G Suite and a lot of things to be improved – I think this is a good aspect. For instance: international currency has just been launch! Thank you. Translation will be a great step. Choose ProsperWorks crm was a big goal. Sistem works well, has good features.” – Alex d.

Copper Reviews


United States

201 – 500





360+ Reviews


430+ Reviews

5. Gro CRM – iOS Mac CRM for Small Business

Our Score 96/100

About Gro CRM: Gro CRM is a customer relationship management solution for Mac users. It especially works for Apple users and helps in managing leads and customers. This solution integrates with Mac CRM tools to simplify the management of the sales process and optimizes the deals. It helps in accelerating the growth of the business with lead generation and management. It allows remote connection with an Apple phone to do the work on the go.

Gro CRM Mac CRM Features: Call Center Management, Contact Management, Document Management, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, List Management, Product Catalog, Quotes / Proposals, Territory Management

“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. It was a very easy tool to add to our business tools. Easy to add contacts and manage contact. We needed something simple to use without going thru million steps. Great tool for a small business – we have recommended this to several of our clients to use.” – Aris J.

Gro CRM Reviews

Gro Software

United States

11 – 50





10+ Reviews


01 Reviews

6. Bitrix24 – Free collaboration, communication & management tool suite

Our Score 94/100

About Bitrix24 : Bitrix24 is a Mac CRM software for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, and knowledge management. It provides continuity of moving data from network silos to local drives and finally to a centralized repository. It is also a collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication, making it easier to generate more leads in the process and finally more sales growth.

Bitrix24 Mac CRM Features : N/A Avaialble

“Bitrix24 CRM is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your customers, as it includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, so that you can gain a clear insight into your company’s results and know whether or not your efforts are paying off.” – Üwen Ergün

Bitrix24 Reviews


United States

51 – 200





390+ Reviews


310+ Reviews

7. SpinOffice– Customer management software that really saves time

Our Score 92/100

About SpinOffice: By using SpinOffice users create a central place for the emails, business contacts, appointments, projects, folders, documents, files, tasks, etc., and make it easier for the business to get the work done. Top features of this solution include quotes, proposals, list management, document management, email marketing, customer support, etc. It allows sharing of the data between colleagues and team members.

SpinOffice Mac CRM Features : Contact Management, Customer Support, Document Management, Email Marketing, Lead Management, List Management, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Quotes / Proposals

“SpinOffice meets and surpasses our needs with its simplicity and the ability to connect anywhere, at any time and ensure that everything is organised, even before you get into the office. The customer support is second to none and are always available to help with any doubts or queries you have.” – Josh Smith

SpinOffice Reviews

Spinware Solutions


11 – 50





10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

8. Sales Reflect – Customer Relationship Management Software

Our Score 91/100

About Reflect: Reflect is an on-premise customer relationship management solution for Mac. Top features include contact management, sales force automation functionality, etc. It enables businesses to manage customer relationships and databases and creates a centralized database for customer information to have better-informed business decisions as well as improved customer loyalty. It helps in taking notes, tracking interactions, completing tasks and checking on the upcoming events.

Reflect Mac CRM Features : Campaign Management, Contact Management, Quotes / Proposals

“Easy to use and configure to my customers needs. It provides the basics for keeping track of customer interaction and set up links via the Notes section to establish and link to your own Word or Excel document you establish as the template for managing work done for the customer.” – Bill M.

Sales Reflect Reviews

NCH Software

United States

51 – 200





01 Reviews


01 Reviews

9. amoCRM – Lead & Sales Management for SMBs

Our Score 90/100

About amoCRM: amoCRM is one of the best CRM for Mac, and it helps salespersons close more deals and increase the revenue of the business. This solution offers lead scoring and nurturing, email integration and sales analytics for business to boost revenue, and it allows Integrations to include Facebook, MailChimp, Zendesk, Dropbox, and Xero. AmoCRM also uses API integration for adding more users to integrate with more applications using API.

amoCRM Mac CRM Features: Call Center Management, Campaign Management, Contact Management, Customer Support, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Lead Management, Lead Scoring, List Management, Marketing Automation, Product Catalog, Referral Tracking, Territory Management

“amoCRM was the best system we found after long research. After a year, this key tool made our sale representative more efficient and increase our productivity. Easy to use and very visual. I love amoCRM.” – Sylvain Roy

amoCRM Reviews


United States

51 – 200





130+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Mac CRM Software

1. How does your Mac CRM software help manage leads? 
2. Does this system allow monitoring of referrals? 
3. Is there a campaign management functionality? 
4. How does the solution simplify the management of contacts? 
5. Will the software come in with call center management capabilities? 
6. Does this Mac CRM system facilitate the creation of forms and landing pages? 
7. How does the software track communication and interaction? 
8. How does the pipeline management process work? 
9. Does the system include forecasting tools to aid my marketing and sales teams? 
10. What kind of marketing automation features does this solution offer? 
11. What about document management and sharing? Can multiple members work on the same document?  
12. Does the system provide email marketing tools? 
13. What type of project management functions can I expect out of your software? 
14. Will the system include tools for smoother territory management? 
15. Will I be able to create surveys and polls? 
16. Does the software provide insights and trends? 
17. What kind of reports will I be able to generate? 
18. Will you customize the software based on my unique needs? Are there additional costs for it? 
19. Is the software capable of working with other organizational solutions I already use? 
20. How much time would it take for us to get up and running?
21. What are the training materials? Can we access them even in the future? 
22. Is your system mobile compatible? 
23. Can I set user permissions and roles? 
24. Do you schedule software upgrades? Will there be any downtime during the entire process? 
25. What kind of ongoing support do you provide?

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