Top 10+ Real Estate CRM Software In 2022

The real estate CRM software assists agents, brokers for working more efficiently and intuitively. This software also helps manage the contacts, workload, forecast sales, client interactions and other various critical processes. With the help of this software, one can easily communicate over phone and email, find the new leads, manage their existing clients, customize reports, access information from mobile and top the sales pipeline. This is a centralized contact management software; hence all the data of your client is stored in a unified system. This software also automates mundane tasks like sending the follow-up emails, capturing website prospects and many more. This way you’ll be able to concentrate on closing more deals and building relationships that last longer. Whether commercial or residential, real estate business requires to be tremendously, customer focused if they want to survive. Real estate CRM software for commercial use manages the interactions with tenants, prospects, and clients. If you are into the commercial real estate, then get the best commercial real estate CRM software today! This because it will lead to better collaboration, back office handling, enhanced pipeline management and accountability. To help you decide on choosing the best CRM for real estate, we have reviewed 10+ best real estate CRM software. After immense research, we have collected these reviews and ratings from the prime websites such as GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd.

Top Real Estate CRM Software


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List of Best Real Estate CRM Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Copper – (formerly ProsperWorks) The only CRM recommended for Google

Our Score 98/100

About Copper : Commercial real estate CRM software, Copper, allows seamless integration and data exchange with many applications. It primarily integrates with GSuite and acts as a great customer relationship management software with features including lead tracking management, email marketing, reminder system, document storage, etc. This software is cloud-based and eliminates data entry work. It saves customer data automatically while allowing the system to search for more relevant data online.

Copper Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Segmentation

“Copper is a CRM, which works in the cloud, which allows improving the sales management of any company. Among the most brilliant features is the complete merger with the Google Suite. We are very satisfied with the solution presented by this software. Copper is a great support to manage my company” – Alirio Rubén R.

Copper Reviews


United States

201 – 500





360+ Reviews


430+ Reviews

2. Wise Agent – Real Estate CRM Software & Transaction Management

Our Score 97/100

About Wise Agent : The Wise Agent is an all-in-one top real estate CRM built for construction and estate agencies. It features a combination of contact management, transaction management, lead automation, and marketing software as well as integrated with leading real estate technology. It allows real estate marketing experts and professionals to have the opportunity of running an entire business on one system. It is efficient, and boosts overall productivity, sales, and revenue of the business.

Wise Agent Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Property Alerts, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“I recommend Wise Agent to all of my students because I have found that it is not enough to have a CRM that can do everything you need it to do, if you can’t figure out how to do it. There are a lot of options out there but if you want something that is user-friendly & affordable, there’s only one clear choice and that’s Wise Agent.” – JARED

Wise Agent Reviews

Wise Agent

United States

11 – 50





520+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

3. Zoho CRM – Multichannel CRM for businesses of all sizes

Our Score 97/100

About Zoho CRM : Zoho CRM is a real estate CRM software that helps construction and real estate business bloom with more productivity, sales and efficiency. With 40+ products, it helps in collaboration, marketing and includes features like email marketing, document storage, private chats integration, lead scoring, etc. This software makes it easier for real estate and construction companies to have a better customer relationship and integrates with many popular applications like Outlook, MailChimp, etc.

Zoho Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“Zoho CRM is basically a one stop shop for your business needs. I use it in my office everyday, and we can customize different modules based on the growing needs and demands of our company. Additional pros: Super simple to use. You can create buttons that do all the work for you (example: sending auto-emails).” – Rose-Anna M.

Zoho CRM Reviews

Zoho Corporation

United States

5001 – 10000





3700+ Reviews


1620+ Reviews

4. amoCRM– Lead & Sales Management for SMBs

Our Score 94/100

About amoCRM : amoCRM is an easy to use cloud-based construction CRM software that helps users manage sales pipeline, revenue, and convert the first-time contact into leads and later as a customer. Top features include sales analytics, performance tracking, feedback reports email integration, lead scoring, etc. This solution streamlines core processes and allows automated digital sales pipeline to function. Real estate marketers use this solution to stay ahead of their competitors.

amoCRM Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“AmoCRM helps me to sell more by giving me a simple and easy way to organize our company sales process and costumer relationship. I have already tried other softwares and amoCRM is certainly the best choice for small companies.” – Gustavo Gubert

amoCRM Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


130+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

5. CINC – The #1 Real Estate Tech Solution

Our Score 94/100

About CINC : CINC is a tech solution and works as a residential real estate CRM software that helps marketers. With the tools to power teams with more significant business and a better life, it includes features like campaign management, property alerts, lead management, interaction tracking, email marketing, interaction tracking, etc. It helps in building more rapport with their leads by converting them into a customer with more amounts of sales.

CINC Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Property Alerts, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“What I like most about this software is the team behind it, who are constantly improving it, and listening to their clients about how to better serve them and make the experience better for their customers. Best CRM for real estate hands down.” – David Matthew W.

CINC Reviews


United States

200 – 250


Not provided by vendor


30+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

6. IloveLeasing – Apartment Lead Tracking & CRM Software

Our Score 92/100

About IloveLeasing : IloveLeasing is construction and apartment CRM with lead management, customer relationship management, analytics and tries to convert leads into a customer. With other top features like alerts, follow-up tools, lead consolidation, behavior tracking, and onsite corporate level reporting. Many integrations are available with accounting and revenue management solution. It consists of email broadcasting, ad syndication publishing, budget advertising analysis, etc.

IloveLeasing Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Property Alerts, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“It is extremely simple to use once you get the hang of the way the software works! I train new leasing people to use this daily and I feel like after a little overview they are able to really advance!! The corporate team are EXTREMELY responsive when it comes to adding sources or properties!” – Tory D.W.

IloveLeasing Reviews

United States

11 – 50





10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

7. CompanyHub – Customer Relationship Management for sales teams

Our Score 92/100

About CompanyHub : CompanyHub, a robust and highly customizable real estate CRM software with powerful reporting, email sync, and bulk mail capabilities, helps companies in finding leads and building sales pipeline to increase revenue and growth. It has a unified and centralized platform and meets all the essential requirements for real estate, apartment, and construction companies. It adapts to each company by organizing, prioritizing leads, following up reminders, building relations and closing more deals.

CompanyHub Real Estate CRM Features : Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“I love how easy it is to customize the CRM by adding new tables and sections. This isn’t a unique feature, but it’s so much easier in CompanyHub than in the other CRMs I have used. So you can completely customize CompanyHub to use the metrics that matter to your business. A flexible and optimized CRM.”- Brent R.

CompanyHub Reviews



11 – 50





10+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

8. RealOffice360 – Simple CRM. Unlimited Clients. 100% Free

Our Score 89/100

About RealOffice360 : RealOffice360 is one of the revolutionary commercial real estate CRM software that helps users build their database, track deals and manage clients. It gives businesses a unique plan to success and set business goals while creating plans every day. From tracking active clients to managing the sales pipeline, it allows users to be more focused on the real tasks that matter. It is free and is easy to use, simple CRM.

RealOffice360 Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“I’ve looked at products like Top Producer, BoomTown and Wise Agent, but they weren’t the right fit for my business… so happy I found RealOffice360. Now I constantly have a reason to contact my clients.” – Ryan Smith

RealOffice360 Reviews

Home Investment Advisors


02 – 10


Not provided by vendor



70+ Reviews


0 Reviews

9. RealtyBackOffice – All-in-One Enterprise Class Real Estate Office Software

Our Score 89/100

About RealtyBackOffice : It is one of the best CRM for real estate software. RealtyBackOffice is cloud-based, offers automation of work, and top features of this solution include transaction management, dashboards, e-signing forms, interaction tracking, segmentation referral tracking, etc. It renders beautifully in all devices and helps users in each step of their business. From the sales pipeline to marketing, it works a handful for the enterprises operating on the real estate.

RealtyBackOffice Real Estate CRM Features : Contact Management, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“I’ve been using Realty Back Office platform for the past four years. The platform is designed through broker’s vision and help brokers save time for the the tedious management work. Their customer service is always by the site whenever you need tech support. Great back office platform!” – Wenjun L.

RealtyBackOffice Reviews


United States

02 – 10





10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

10. Dealpath – Deal Management for CRE Investment Teams

Our Score 88/100

About Dealpath : Dealpath is a real estate CRM software with the goal of transforming the power of investors and developers with the latest tools and technology. It is one of the best CRM solutions for companies operating in the real estate sector. From the collaboration of teams to smart sales pipeline tracking, from robust reporting to easy to use application, this solution fulfills all the requirements of the users.

Dealpath Real Estate CRM Features : Interaction Tracking, Property Alerts

“Dealpath is helping us do larger, more complex deals. Without it, we probably would’ve had to hire another person or two just to start managing workflow.” – Chris Powers

Dealpath Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



06 Reviews


0 Reviews

11. KnockWise – Real Estate CRM

Our Score 87/100

About KnockWise : KnockWise is a commercial real estate CRM software with cloud-based door knocking facility. From task automation to personal concierge-like customer service, this solution includes features such as campaign management, contact management, segmentation, referral tracking, etc. It helps businesses in real estate have better customer relationships. From increasing the organization’s productivity to sales and support, this solution creates a space for itself in every real estate company.

KnockWise Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“Intuitive and it has lots of additional helpful information, like MLS integration so we know if a property is listed or not, etc…It really keeps me to be on track and wanting to go to more doors. It has been great to have it as a door knocking tool.” – Helena N.

KnockWise Reviews

D2D Tools

United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



07 Reviews


0 Reviews

12. RealSpace – Real Estate Software that Delivers Real ROI

Our Score 86/100

About RealSpace : RealSpace is a real estate CRM platform explicitly made for users and businesses in real estate. From giving more control and growth to the user’s company to creating a professional team together, this solution is easy to use and is cloud-based. It focuses on customer communication sales, transactions, and communication. It has all the essential features such as lead management, referral, transaction management, contact management, interaction tracking, etc.

RealSpace Real Estate CRM Features : Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Management, Property Alerts, Referral Tracking, Segmentation

“Generally, UK estate agency software is light-years behind the rest of the world. I had been looking for ‘the perfect’ software for around 3 years and came across RealSpace and… wow… it literally has been business changing for us.” – PERRY POWER

RealSpace Reviews


United Kingdom

51 – 200





03 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Real Estate CRM Software

Real Estate CRM Features Zoho CRM Copper The Wise Agent amoCRM CINC IloveLeasing CompanyHub RealOffice360 RealtyBackOffice Dealpath
Price $45.00/ month/user $19.00/ month/user $27.00/ month $15.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor $22.00/ month $12.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor $80.00/ month/td> Not provided by vendor
Campaign Management              
Client/Property Matching          
Contact Management                  
Email Marketing                
Interaction Tracking                    
Lead Management                  
Property Alerts        
Referral Tracking                

Real Estate CRM Software Buyer's Guide

Real estate sector is booming and so is the stiff competition amongst various market players. To win the race, it has become imperative to use insight data of customer interest as that tells how to tap the interest level of a large base of customers. In this regard, a CRM software application having advanced features in the real estate agency is considered as one of the most ideal decisions to make. However, the CRM software used in other industries may not yield desirable results when used for the real estate industry. So before moving ahead with our journey let's understand first what a real estate CRM software actually is, how it is different from other industry CRM applications and how it can benefit the industry for the greater good.

» What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

Usually, a CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an application which uses customer data to make sales forecast more accurate and to make marketing campaigns stronger and effective than before. Similarly, in real-estate companies, data are used to understand customer behaviour and orientation to offer more tailor-made real-estate solutions. However, Real estate CRM software differs from other CRM software by certain points. This is because real estate is a slow business which takes time to flourish, where client conversion time is more than other businesses, and customer data is gathered from referrals and listings rather than by other accumulative skills. It caters towards specific needs of real estate industries. With that in mind, let’s try to understand why such CRM software is getting recognition with such a high speed among various big, small and medium-sized real estate agencies.

» Is it Worth Investing Money in Real Estate CRM Software?

If you are looking for a specific pathway to success as an excellent Real estate company or firm then investing in a good Real Estate CRM software is highly recommended. As discussed above the CRM software helps cutting down operational in-efficiencies to improve productivity and the brand’s popularity. Nowadays, it has become imperative to implement new and revolutionary ideas to be at the safe side of the market.

Recent surveys have also stated that implementing real estate client management software has offered several big as well as small real estate agencies to have a steep increase in their annual turnovers. As the software also performs a number of tasks on its own, the need for hiring extra staff to complete the tasks also gets out of the picture. But if a company decides to perform the functions with the help of its employees, then both the time as well as the expenditure will surge by various folds.

So, if you want to emerge as the leader in the real estate industry by using your resources most efficiently and smartly, then you should go for a top real estate CRM software. But if your real estate agency is in its growing phase and is still tight about its budget, then take go for a small subscription pack to get started with and see how it is benefiting your business.

» What are the benefits of Real Estate CRM Software?

Loaded with a plethora of facilities and tools, the property management software has a myriad of benefits. They reduce time by helping analyze and list out the possible contacts who can be transformed into commercial partners or probable customers for the company. Moreover, they also help in reducing wastage of time and resources as one does not need prior technical knowledge to operate the software; even a single property management software can carry out a number of services under it. So, now let’s check out some of the most exciting benefits of the Real estate sales software.

› User-Friendly Interface

Various software comes with a user-friendly interface to help anyone, and everyone has a good experience of the CRM software. With the pre-built designs, templates, etc. one has to click a few times and bingo, the work is done.

› Automates Pre-sale and Post-sale activities

Nowadays the Real estate sales software also come with facilities for setting up customer interaction details, booking or scheduling appointments or store information. This helps in cutting down the need for the extra human resource while simultaneously increasing the company or agency’s productivity.

› Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical feature which helps an individual to track the progress of a project at any time from anywhere. Many Real estate Client Management Software also support mobile devices which help by offering better accessibility to the company’s ongoing or upcoming projects.

› Helps in Climbing to the Top

The CRM software comes with numerous marketing tools which can be used to understand the customer orientation and behaviour as well as the company’s rankings as compared to others. One can use the facilities and tools to create smart emails, newsletters, and teasers which also serve as a visual luring factor for the public.

› Faster Transactions

If a business does not have robust process management and payment collection, then customers might not be interested in moving ahead further. The Real estate Client Management Software are coupled with good management and payment collection facilities which helps in completing the process within a short period of time.

» What are the Features of Real Estate CRM Software?

A proper understanding of the customer’s perspective while dealing with property-related matters has encouraged the CRM software companies to create numerous customized products. This has helped to achieve faster results as compared to the traditional pen and paper-based methods. Check out some of the exciting features now.

› Contact Management with Tags 

Excellent real estate management software helps manage different contacts based on their interaction by separating highly satisfied clients with other categories. This helps to regulate the marketing operations efficiently by sending meet-up intimations or exciting deals to clients with positive remarks while focusing less on cold clients.

› Robust Email Platform

Nowadays emails are treated as a more professional and trustworthy way when compared to information shared in other social media platforms. Hence a number of real estate management software applications come with powerful email platform which helps in creating drip-email campaigns, newsletters and templates, which lets your customers remain in a period of retention.

› Complies with Cloud-Hosting 

For people who are always travelling, this feature helps the real estate agents to remain updated by providing real-time access to the project. Using the feature one can also easily access the project’s details through their mobiles or laptops and track the success.

» Before choosing any Real Estate CRM Software

Hiring a top real estate CRM can be overwhelming, but it may also come with various adverse effects if one does not put proper consideration and be careful enough while choosing. Here, in this list, we have hand-listed some of the most important points one should always remember if planning to go for a commercial real estate CRM.

› Analyzing own Requirements

Listing down one’s requirements are often advised to prevent head churning while selecting from the vast list comprising of the top real estate CRM. This is because once you know what facilities you need from the CRM, more than half of the tedious work is done. Moreover, you can also make another list of all the commercial real estate CRM providing the desired facilities and hence continue your journey.

› Budget-Friendliness

Each CRM software for realtors come with different pricing plans depending upon the availed facilities and tools as well as the duration for which the software is being hired. To avoid further add-on on your company’s expenditures, you must decide the budget of the CRM software beforehand.

› Total Number of Users

While some CRM software is hardwired to serve a large number of users, many of them may allow a very limited amount of users only. This also differs on the availability of the CRM tools as provided with the software. So proper calculation of the potential number of users can save you from any future headaches.

» How to Choose a Real Estate CRM Software?

The task of choosing the best Real estate CRM software can be pretty daunting and scary looking at the massive number of real estate management software found in the market. Sometimes a simple mistake can land your company with dire results in case you are not able to choose befitting CRM software to meet your desired needs. To help you recover from these kinds of intimidating situations, we have listed out some of the crucial points worth remembering while investing in CRM software. So, let’s start.

› Compatibility with other Tools 

The best real estate CRM software complies with almost all the other tools you may be using previously with a blink of an eye. This helps you to remain worry-free about going through the same hard work again of installing extra marketing tools. Moreover, you can rest assured and instead focus on providing customer-specific solutions to your customers.

› Robust Automation Features 

Automation helps you in completing half of the tedious works as scheduling appointments, updating the daily calendar, and more. You are thereby reducing the wastage of time as well as other resources.

› Instant Customer Support

Another essential thing which is needed in a good real estate management software is reliable and immediate customer support. This helps by enhancing customers’ trust in the company as solutions to issues are delivered instantly.

› Reviews

The comments or testimonials left by previous customers who have already used the software also play a significant role in deciding the best CRM for real estate. Going through them can help identify good CRM software from a fake real estate company delivering false promises to its customers.

› Offline Support

With the increase in demand for offline support in CRM software, various companies have started allowing users to make changes to the existing data when offline. The offline support in the best CRM for real estate automatically updates the changed data in the CRM for streamlining operational processes.

› Security

As your CRM software houses very confidential as well as private information, securing them is the most important process to ensure good operational activities. Many real estate CRM software come with two-factor authentication controls which are activated whenever there is an attempt to sign in. Hence, this acts by providing a more secure layer over the existing safety protocols.

› Role-Access controls

The best real estate CRM software also allows its users to assign roles to the members, which simultaneously appoints them with limited functions only. For example- An employee from the sales department can just read or edit the sales ideas as he/she is not allowed access to other departments. This helps in preventing any potential fraudulent activities.

» How much does Real Estate CRM Software cost?

The average pricing plan of a real estate CRM software starts from as low as $10/month to as high as $299/month which varies from software to software. The main reasons behind the difference can be a number of factors such as the features integrated, the number of users using the software, and many more. Despite of having varied pricing structures, one of the common factors amongst all is that they all provide free trials. One can subscribe for the free basic version to try out the services for the first time and then decide whether to give it a try or not. If the buyer gets interested in any particular real estate CRM software, then subscribing for premium version will entitle to extra tools and facilities.

» Conclusion

Although the real estate client management software has so many benefits to help you achieve the desired results for your real-estate business, you may also have to deal with the other side of the coin. As when it comes to choosing CRM software the market is full of software developers, there is a high chance that you may stumble over a fraud company. That can seriously jeopardize your company by exposing confidential data to security risks. Hence, one should be very careful enough while choosing the best real estate CRM software as an ideal one can help in maximizing profits while help organization expanding its horizon reach over a wide audience.

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