How Digital Flipbooks can improve your overall Business Strategy

How Digital Flipbooks can improve your overall Business Strategy

Tired of static and boring PDFs? Yes, me too. Allow me to introduce you to the magical power of digital flipbooks. They can help you to improve your overall business strategy by giving your clients a more engaging experience with your marketing materials or by offering you concrete statistics about your documents’ performance. Not only that, but they can also help you sell more.

All of these statements sound amazing, right? I promise everything it’s true. But before getting into more details about how digital flipbooks can improve your overall business strategy, let’s start with the basics. 

What is a digital flipbook?

A digital flipbook is the digital representation of the classic printed documents: magazines, brochures, catalogues, flyers, etc. The great part is that they can get a 3D flipping effect that mimics perfectly the hand gesture you use when flipping through your favourite book.

Unlike static PDFs, digital flipbooks can have interactive elements such as videos, audio, photo slideshows, GIFs, links, price tags, social media buttons, and many, many more. These are the elements that make flipbooks so engaging, and that keep clients and readers interested in spending more time navigating them. 

No matter the type of flipbook you want to make, you can transform any PDF documents into a flipbook in just a few seconds. How? By using an online flipbook maker such as Flipsnack! Switch from static documents to engaging ones and be prepared to see a boost in conversions and clients interactions.

Take a look below to see different kinds of digital flipbooks represented as stunning marketing materials that your business could benefit from. 

flipbook materials such as catalogs, flyer and brochure made in Flipsnack

And now, let me tell you how flipbooks can elevate your business.

1. Create professional marketing materials

It’s easy to create professional marketing materials for your business as you’ll already find a lot of premade templates for basically any kind of publication you’d need: from brochures catalogs to presentations, brand guides, and many more. 

And don’t be misled by the word “professional”. Premade templates are made by professional designers who know exactly how to arrange every tiny detail. So after you choose a premade template, just make sure to change it with your own images, texts, and colors to match your brand style.

In most apps, you’ll get mainly 3 options to create digital flipbooks:

    • Upload a PDF and easily transform it into a 3D publication
    • Create from scratch
    • Use premade templates

When starting the design process, keep in mind your business’ brand style. Another key element is to highlight your business’ core values and key points. Let the publications you create best represent your brand so whenever people get their hands on marketing materials from your company, they can instantly recognize it.  

2. Sell more with interactive elements

Interactive elements are the secret weapon that big brands use to create more engaging and exciting materials for their audience. Adding links, photo slideshows, videos, virtual tours are the elements that really attract your readers and that trigger their decision-making process.

The great part is that you can offer even more information about your service or product through interactive elements but without overwhelming the client with chunks of texts. For instance, a real estate agent can easily add a virtual tour of the property he has for sale instead of writing a long and boring description about it. We live in a digital era, so it’s important to prepare your overall business strategy appropriately. 

For the retail industry, it could be a great opportunity to use the interactive elements in their catalogs and offer more close-up images with the product, add price tags, pop up with product descriptions videos, add a lead form that will help you collect leads for your sales team or even add buy buttons. Just imagine how accessible it will be for your clients to buy their favorite products right from your monthly catalog. 

So if you want to seal more deals, impress your clients with entertaining materials, or want to sell products in a fun way, definitely consider using digital flipbooks in your business strategy.

Interactive elements added in a flipbook

3. Share digital flipbooks in seconds

After you finish the design process of your digital flipbook, it’s time to share it. But sending large and bulky email attachments can bog down your business’ servers and even affect your entire workflow. With digital flipbooks, the process of sharing is just one click away, and you won’t need to load your email with unnecessary attachments. 

So easily share your digital flipbook on your social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Social media has become a powerful tool when it comes to getting closer to your customers, so make sure that you publish quality content to your customers with the help of flipbooks, of course. 

Digital flipbooks can also be sent as a link or email to your team members and customers. Keep in mind that digital flipbooks can also be downloaded and sent as a GIF, video, or even be embedded on your website. Find out all the options and choose the one that works best for your business needs. And speaking of websites, let’s go on to the next advantage that flipbooks can offer your business.

4. Gain more traffic to your website

The magical power of using digital flipbooks is limitless. They simply can improve your overall business strategy on so many levels! If you want to gain and increase some traffic to your website, then digital flipbooks can easily help you with that. 

First of all, try your best to make a stunning flipbook design that will easily catch your readers’ and customers’ attention. Let’s be honest; people tend to spend more time in a publication that is visually appealing, so make sure to include impactful design elements, images, colors, and, most definitely, interactive elements. Adding links in your digital flipbooks will redirect visitors to your website and will already help you to obtain more traffic.

But after the design process is finished, embed the flipbook on your website as well and also get your users to spend more time on your website. It’s such an easy and fast way to gain more traffic to your website by offering them an entertaining and accessible publication. No matter the digital flipbook’s purpose – be it an insightful ebook with information on a specific subject or a catalog with your latest product collection – assure yourself to embed it on your website and be amazed at how much time your users will spend flipping through it.

5. Analyze performance with powerful statistics

If you were surprised to find out that digital flipbooks can help you with so many, well, wait. There’s more! Using digital flipbooks can get you resourceful statistics and data on how your users interact with them. Now, if this is not amazing, then I don’t know what is. I’ll be honest and say that not every flipbook maker app offers these, but the best one for sure do! 

So make sure to pick one that gives you statistics such as views, clicks, average time spent, impressions, and many, many more. By analyzing the performance of your digital flipbooks, you can see and understand what your audience likes best and what are the elements that they mostly interact with. Also, analyzing the data history helps in identifying trends or patterns. Therefore, pay attention and compare your digital flipbook’s performance to get a deeper understanding of your market and customers.

Getting to know more about your audience helps you in preparing more useful content and materials for them, and it’s a key factor in always improving the way you create and design your business’ marketing materials. 

6. Turn to secured privacy options

Living in a digital world is not always that easy, especially for big companies that need to take safe measurements when it comes to privacy and security. With flipbooks, you can easily achieve that. Most flipbook maker apps offer great security options like sharing the flipbook only with specific people by introducing their email address or sharing the flipbook with a password-protected option to give access only to people you shared your password with. 

Digital flipbooks can also be public, unlisted, or private with the options mentioned above. Have this in mind when researching for a flipbook maker tool. Regardless of the privacy options you need, by using a digital flipbook, the information will only reach the people you want.

secure and privacy options for flipbooks in Flipsnack

7. Choose a cost-effective alternative

Making marketing materials usually involve large amounts of money and time spent. In case you didn’t know, creating digital flipbooks doesn’t require a generous budget. In fact, transforming a PDF into a digital flipbook with a 3D flipping effect is mainly FREE. To save a significant amount of your money and try the power of digitalization. 

Digital flipbooks also save your budget from the printing costs and from the distribution process as you can share them easily with no additional cost. If your business doesn’t really need the printed versions of your materials, then simply go all the way digital. You save some money and the planet. 


Successful businesses take a lot of hard work and constant improvement. Owners have to be mindful and up-to-date with the latest technology and marketing tactics available. Hopefully, you found this article insightful, and maybe you’ll even consider making digital flipbooks for your next campaigns.  

Here are only a few reasons how digital flipbooks can improve your overall business strategy, but there are many more. So do your research, give digital flipbooks a try and convince yourself of their magical power. 

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