7 Mobile Apps to Increase Employee Productivity

Mobile Apps to Increase Employee Productivity

Looking for employee mobile applications to shoot up the productivity of your workforce? You’ve landed at the right spot! Here is a list of the top 7 mobile apps that can save the day for you while making it more interesting for your employees.

Whether you work in manufacturing, accounts, logistics or marketing, technology plays an integral role in achieving business goals. And that can only happen if your entire workforce, across levels, is productive. 

But how do you ensure your employees stay productive all the time? How can you improve their morale? 

The answer lies in productivity apps. Thanks to advancing technology, we now have mobile applications by top app development companies that make it easier to boost employees’ productivity while keeping them engaged. All you need to do is, pick the right mobile app to see a difference. 

Luckily, there is a pool of workplace productivity apps out there. To narrow down your search & save time, we have curated the following list, featuring the best ones. So, let’s begin.

7 Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity of Your Employees

With its effortless work-from-anywhere functionality, Slack is garnering accolades as turning into the virtual headquarters of modern workplaces. It is a simplified form of communication that is faster than emails and smarter than texts. Whether it is Gmail, Zoom, HubSpot or Microsoft Teams, this productivity software can integrate with an array of leading business tools you may already be using, empowering your team to stay on top of things. 

The organized spaces of Slack, known as channels, let you keep everything related to a particular topic together – from files and messages to people. You can create different channels for different tasks, quickly share files, and tag people to collab, taking productivity a notch higher. What’s more? You can customize the platform as per your needs.

One of the easiest productivity management tools, Trello contains an intuitive interface for you to get up and running in no time. It not only helps teams organize tasks but also makes working together a hassle-free experience. It offers multiple views – boards, cards and lists – to create a visual workflow so that you never miss anything on your to-do lists.

Moreover, Trello packs in task assignments, productivity metrics, timelines, checklists, calendars, and more to streamline your operations. It lets you keep track of your work, conversations and attachments that are easily shareable across teams. What’s interesting is, this app can automate your tedious, repetitive tasks through its automation assistant, Butler. Trello works with leading tools, including Dropbox and Google Drive.  

With Evernote, the habit of note-taking goes digital and clutter-free. Whether you want to jot down ideas for your next project or collate minutes of a meeting, this workplace productivity app keeps all your notes handy across devices. It also allows you to scan documents and supports audio, images, and PDFs, making your notes more interactive and useful.

Evernote also lets you create tasks and assign them containing all the information, such as deadlines, reminders and flags. The result? It becomes nearly impossible to miss any due dates, becoming a boon for software development, sales and marketing teams. It can connect with Google Calendar to help keep things synchronized. Furthermore, it enables you to clip web pages with your remarks and highlights so that no critical information or idea gets lost in the middle. 

Available as both desktop and mobile app, When I Work takes the hassles out of creating and sharing schedules with your teammates. To keep things centralized, it also allows the integration of schedules with a time clock to monitor the actual time spent on tasks, boosting workplace efficiency.

An ideal choice for companies with remote and contractual employees, this productivity software provides seamless communication between employees working across departments and shifts. It also allows submissions & approvals of time-off requests and helps manage availability & shift trades. The app doesn’t take much time to set up and is easy to pick up by anyone regardless of their technical expertise. 

With its comprehensive set of features, ClickUp helps more than 200,000 teams stay productive day in and day out. It is designed to bring all your work, from tasks and goals to chats and documents, in one place. You can easily create and manage tasks, build customized projects, set and track your goals in real-time. ClickUp can also create and automate tasks straight from your emails, ensuring nothing gets buried in the inbox.

This productivity software lets you create views the way you want to get a quick overview of everything important. It allows customizable Spaces for a more organized team-work setting. To top it all, ClickUp offers integrations with over 1000 tools, including GitHub, Outlook, Drive, Zoom, Timely and Dropbox, to turn processes simpler than ever.  

Gone are the days when a professional needed to keep a Rolodex or carry stacks of business cards around on work trips. Now, we have software like CamCard that not only digitizes the standard business card but also stores them on the cloud for any time, anywhere access. The app reads all the information on the card accurately and saves it on your phone.

But that’s not all. CamCard provides smart management of your business cards, allowing you to add notes, set reminders, tag, search and share cards quickly. That increases productivity considerably as you no longer need to spend hours looking for the right contact. Cutting the clutter further, the app can read cards in 16 languages while offering real-time synchronization across devices. 

Considered one of the best holistic suites that drive employee performance and engagement, 15Five facilitates seamless conversations between the managers, workers, and everyone in the organization. From employee surveys to employee recognition, this productivity app offers a personalized approach to regular performance reviews, ensuring greater efficiency and goal alignment.

In addition to that, 15Five allows setting up weekly check-ins to let teams and managers stay connected and transform them into actionable insights. It facilitates real-time feedback so that employees know where they need to improve and what are their strengths. The app also packs in upskilling for managers to enhance their leadership skills, benefitting the entire organization. 

Ending Note

Every company, no matter the industry it belongs to, has to up its game to stay ahead in the competition. And enhancing productivity is one of the core ways to do that. Thanks to the ever-evolving technologies, we now have plenty of employee mobile apps developed by leading app development companies to boost productivity, as well as engagement, at the same time. While different companies have distinct goals, relying on the right productivity app can certainly help bring in desired results.

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