How an Internal Help Desk Transform Your Workplace

How an Internal Help Desk Transforms Your Workplace

When we talk about the bottom line for sustainable business growth, most of us think about only the first half - "Customers". We somehow ignore the significantly important another half, "the resolutions and a number of actions on support tickets employees".

As important as it is to have happy and satisfied customers that can be nurtured into loyal brand advocates, having a team of diligent, well-equipped, and motivated professionals is also of paramount importance!

A recent feature in Forbes outlined that a happy company is more productive as the high morale of its employees boosts team collaboration and creativity. Happy employees are 20% more productive and drive 37% higher sales as compared to unhappy employees.

So, employee happiness spurs a growth cycle that is self-sustaining and steers your business in the right direction.

Here, we discuss how having a capable internal help desk software can be an awesome enabler of employee happiness and improve the work culture in multiple ways. We also share some of the best picks in the category that you can start using today.

Ready to kick-start your employee happiness journey?

» What Is Internal Help Desk Software?

The internal help desk software for employees facilitates all the tools and resources they need to be more productive and happier at work. Right from a self-service knowledge base for onboarding to a comprehensive ticketing system that caters to delivering engaging customer-like experiences to the employees.

An internal help desk tool allows your management teams to solve employees’ problems quickly and more efficiently while inculcating a positive organizational culture.

It also allows you to manage all the cases and issues in your organization via a common, consolidated and intuitive internal employee support ticketing system. It connects the employees with the other employees that can help them take care of their workplace troubles and concerns.

» 7 Benefits of Internal Help Desk for Your Team

1. Deliver Delightful Employee Experiences

While most of the firms focus on their clientele, they overlook one simple fact - clients are served by employees!

So, if your employee happiness index is poor, the same is going to reflect on their productivity and overall performance.

Forbes points out that being available to your employees in times of their needs and being attentive to their workplace needs are the two crucial steps to unlock employee happiness.

An internal IT help desk software allows you to cater to all the employee issues and concerns. For example, how to get a new charger for your work laptop, or where to find the escalation procedure guidelines.

An internal helpdesk allows them to submit their queries, allows the managerial staff to assess the employee happiness via data-driven reports, and offers them all the resources they need right at their fingertips.

2. Calendar Management Becomes Effortless

In a medium to enterprise-sized business organization, it is hard to manage the calendars; especially when it comes to vacation, holidays, emergency leaves, etc. Generally, the responsibility falls upon the shoulders of the HR and presses them for time and effort.

An internal employee help desk takes away the load from the HR function and reduces the number of requests that must be taken and processed manually.

The employees can see the vacations and holidays and leave applications of the other employees on their team (as per the settings of the software) and plan their leaves accordingly. Automating the calendar and leave management systems allows the managerial staff extra time to focus on more important work.

3. Create a Centralized Internal Knowledge Repository

An internal help desk works like a regular customer help desk, where the knowledge base gathers information over time and becomes a pool of valuable company information. For example, it includes "How-to guides", "escalation procedures", "technical troubleshooting", "company documentation", and much more.

The employees can access information any time they want and resolve the basic concerns on their own. They can also contribute to the portal to share their knowledge. Furthermore, such a knowledge base spurs proactive development of solutions and becomes an asset for your organization in no time.

So, from "how to resolve the connection error to the FTP server", to "what is the right way to deal with an angry female customer" - the internal help desk offers support to your employees anytime, and that too without the need for any human intervention!

4. Centralized and Precise Control over the Internal Complaints

When all internal complaints are collected in one place, it becomes easier for the management to tackle them. All the employee queries are assigned unique ticket IDs and can be flagged, closed, tagged, and escalated, just like the customer help desk tickets.

These tickets can also be tracked by the employees to check the current status of their queries. Therefore, employees don’t need to make repeated calls, send messages asking about the latest updates on their queries.

Your internal support staff can respond to these queries on multiple channels such as live chat, email, phone, forms, etc.

Moreover, automation rules and SLAs ensure that nothing misses the attention of the people who are responsible to resolve the queries or complaints.

Hence, efficiency, productivity, and streamlined internal query management are easily achieved.

5. Automated Workflows and Query Resolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has powered the entry of smart and intuitive internal help desk ticketing systems on the office scene. AI-powered bots facilitate automated query resolutions and several actions on support tickets such as - closed, open, routing, escalation, flags for urgency, technicality, and department-level distinction.

The perks of having an AI-powered internal help desk do not just end here. Managers can generate reports and export them in various formats for advanced analysis. The advanced analysis of employee data collected over time offers them actionable insights into everything that is wrong with the company culture, resources, and everything that is producing positive results.

Conducting surveys, taking feedback, and organizing contests and polls become extremely easier as they come as in-built functionalities. All this has an immensely positive impact on the internal workings of your organization and your employees can actually feel valued and motivated to work better!

6. Managers Can Focus on Important Work

It goes without saying that your managers have a lot on their plates; sometimes, even more, than they can actually bite!

Modern workplaces have become quite stressful for managers. Bigger teams, increasing customer base, complex tools, and the ever-changing industry standards can keep your management members occupied for years.

Add the pressure of responding to every incoming employee query or trouble and it leaves them with hardly 3 or 4 productive hours at work. The situation is even grimmer with the onset of the pandemic where online collaborations and meetings are consuming all the more time.

Having an efficient, and smart internal help desk system for employees is just like a magic wand that significantly reduces this workload. Just a single glance and managers can track how employee issues are being handled. Moreover, with the help of insightful reports and analytics, they can easily see the larger picture

7. Perfect Integration with Existing Systems

The internal help desk management system does not add to the burden of your software suite by asking for complex integrations. They can sit tight in the system and blend well with the other existing employee, resource, and asset management systems, such as Employee Self-Service ESS, and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

The internal support service ticketing system can also be integrated with other team collaboration tools, survey platforms, benefits administration platforms, etc. for a holistic employee experience.

The managers can view the employee data anytime to see whether the satisfaction scores are acceptable and aligned with their expectations or not. So, be it change management, asset management, employee management, or any other system, an internal help desk is an effortless add-on to your software suite.

3 Internal Help Desk Software You Should Consider in 2022

Now, we are going to discuss the top three internal help desk tools for workplace management that you can invest in and start using now!

All these tools offer fantastic bundles of functionalities, features, and sit tight into your budget. What makes them our top three choices are, of course, their abilities to scale alongside your business, zero to little learning curves, and robust ticket management features

So, take a quick look at their features and schedule your demos for better insights.


ProProfs Help Desk

This is a smart, efficient, and AI-powered internal help desk software that is perfect for businesses of all scales and all types. The software reduces your ticket volume by almost 80% and automates the query resolution process like none other.

You can share feedback surveys, internal polls, etc. with employees” right after their support interaction and gauge their satisfaction.

Moreover, with automated ticket routing, you can ensure all incoming tickets are assigned to the right team members or teams. This ensures less back and forth and quicker resolution of all employee issues. Employees can further tag their teammates in tickets and discuss issues using private notes or chats.


    • Knowledge base
    • Multichannel support
    • Automated Routing
    • Self-service portal
    • Live chat

2. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is another commendable internal help desk software for employees that offers a bunch of functionalities and smart features. It comes with an in-built knowledge base and awesome collaboration features. Moreover, omnichannel views and AI-powered automation can significantly reduce your time spent on small tasks.

You can enjoy cross-visibility across departments and teams and can get a consolidated view of employee data over time. The advanced analytics allow you to assess the health of your organization and you can certainly make your life easier with the automated workflows and query resolution modules.


    • Ticket assignment and appointment management
    • Call center management
    • Alerts and escalation routines
    • Complaint tracking
    • Communication management

3. Happyfox


Happyfox is an intuitive internal help desk software that allows you to effortlessly manage internal cases and issues to deliver delightful employee experiences. It comes with the smart ticket assignment and escalation rules that ensure that no internal ticket can slip through the cracks.

In addition to this, you can use canned responses for quickly resolving common employee problems. Such automation capabilities reduce the time, effort, and money spent in answering staff questions and allows everyone to become their productive best.


    • Case management
    • Dashboard
    • Content management
    • Document storage
    • Decision support

» Set up an Internal Help Desk for Productive Employees

When it comes to steering your business towards sustained growth, delightful experiences matter at both the verticals - customers and employees.

When your employees are well-equipped with internal information, they turn into a powerhouse of productivity that drives results and revenue!

So, take the first and the rightmost step towards achieving workplace excellence by investing in any of the smart and efficient internal help desk software for your employees and schedule your demos today!

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