Best Places to Hire Freelance Android Developers

Best Sites To Hire Freelance Android Developers

Smartphones are the heartbeat of this current world. Chances are, you are reading this post right now from a smartphone too. And say in terms of affordability or variety, android is the most common operating system for these smartphones. 

Also, the apps have now become the replacement of so many real-life objects and activities. In this pandemic situation, you can book your vaccination schedule, use a telemedicine app to get you virtually checked by the symptoms, and even order the medicines from an eCommerce store. You can do each activity through the apps.

That is why, be it entertainment, productivity, or anything else- the android app market is now booming. Now more than ever. And that is why, if you want to start a digital product business based on apps, now is a great time. Or you might want to upgrade your SaaS business by developing an android app.

Unless you are a professional and efficient developer yourself, it is best to hire an app developer for your business. Because you need to include all the best industry practices and minimize the glitches and other issues. And for a beginner Android Engineer, it is nearly impossible to handle all that.

But the problem is, when you Google the best place to hire iOS app developers or freelance Android Developers, you get confused with too many options available there. It is easy to get confused- whether it is your first time hiring a professional freelance Android Developer or not. 

You need to figure out the platforms where you can find freelance Android Developers for hire, know their hiring methods, and what you should look forward to for your app.

But do not worry, we have included a detailed guide about How to hire an Android Developer and the top websites for the same.

How to hire an android app developer?

If you do not know the process and other details of hiring properly, you may find it extremely difficult to hire a developer, or worse, you may end up hiring the wrong candidate. So proceed with the hiring only when you are comfortable with the concept and the processes.

What should you consider while hiring an android developer?

There are a few factors you must consider while hiring a developer, especially if it is your first time. 

You need to consider your app design first, and figure out the features you want to include there. You also have to consider whether you have to build an app from an existing site, an existing iOS app, or build an app from scratch- without any reference.

After these, there are certain aspects of the developer you have to keep in mind too.

    • Experience 

If you want to build the app from scratch, a total beginner might not be the best choice. Also, the most experienced ones may not go for the app if it is a basic one. So you have to figure out a balancing experience of the programmers to avoid this conflict.

    • Expertise

You may or may not know this, but android apps have many different languages, platforms, and other technologies to work with. While all of them need the basic knowledge of Java, there are so many other fields too. And one cannot be an expert in all these. You have to figure out the kind of expertise you need and hire accordingly. You can have the guides from some sites or consult some known developers regarding this aspect. 

    • Freelancer or full-timer

If your app needs heavy updates now and then and constant inspection, you need to hire a full-time developer, who will be in charge of the app even when it is built and functioning. But in most cases, you only need to hire them once for the development part. After that, you can ask them for some updates and maintenance occasionally. In this case, we recommend you hire a contract-based freelancer. This way, you can have your job done and do not have to take the responsibility of hiring for the long term.

    • Availability

The availability of the programmer is also a valid concern. You have to ensure their location, time zone, and whether they have the bandwidth to take up your job.

    • Budget

And lastly, you have to keep in mind your budget. You may not afford to hire expert industry leaders, but you also do not want to settle for poor quality. So you should come up with a budget that you are comfortable with, and you can get a developer of your choice too.

The Best Place To Hire Android Developers

If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you do not already know a developer in your real life and have not worked with one before. In that case, you have to take help from different sites for hiring.

There are so many sites in the market and their different working processes. So there is no one-size-fits-all in hiring modules. Various apps and sites have different environments, terms, and procedures. Some of them shortlist the developers on their own and present a list to you, while you have to find a programmer from a vast array of candidates yourself. Also, some sites let you track the progress and pay using their payment gates, while other sites only assist you in the hiring phase.

So you have to visit the sites and get accustomed to their own rules first. And it is a hectic job, we understand. That is why we have given here the best sites to hire android app developers. We have also dictated their respective hiring methods and other details, so you do not have to get confused while visiting the sites and hiring.

Top Sites To Hire Freelance Android App Developers in 2022

1. Upwork

Upwork is the go-to platform for most freelancers. So if you are unsure about how to hire a top android developer, it will be the best option for you. It shows you the verified data of experience and rating of a developer. You can check the feedback of their previous clients and other details before hiring them. Also, the competitive environment of Upwork ensures you get the quality developer at the minimum cost to you. From a single search, you can get all the android developers with their hourly rate, along with the projects done, ratings, and their areas of expertise. So it gets easy for you to choose one according to your budget and requirement. 

You can also post a job for free where the developers themselves will come to find you, and you can hire within 1-2 days. Also, Upwork provides you the chat and video call support- so you can discuss your requirements with your developer. You can also track your project progress and share files. When the project finishes, you receive the work and authorize it. And after that, you can get the invoice and make the payment through their specific portal. So it is safe in terms of hiring a misfit candidate or the chance of being ghosted by a developer.

2. Toptal

What will amaze you in Toptal is that they will provide a detailed guide for hiring an android developer. So you can never go wrong with it, as it is one of the top sites to hire freelance android developers. Toptal is known for its exclusive set of freelancers and you will get some great android developers from their freelancer list. You can view the experiences, locations, and achievements of some of the developers. And you do not even have to sign up for that. And these details can guide you to the developer you are searching for. 

You can also see the specific details like their portfolio, availability, testimonials, suitable environment, and detailed experience and skills. Also, here unless you are satisfied with their work, you do not have to pay a freelancer. So it is a risk-free environment where you can focus on your app solely. The best part of Toptal is that they will go through your requirements and match a few developers that can be the ideal fit for you. This extensive and quality matching will make your job easy to find a suitable developer.

3. Freelancer

The Freelancer website gives you a free average quote for your exact requirement. You can also post a job and let the freelancers quote you their charges. Here you can find an android developer no matter what your budget is. After you post a job, the developers will start applying to you and bid on their charges immediately. You can thus hire dedicated Android developers according to your need. 

You can also chat with them through this platform and track their progress. It also lets you review their work 24/7. And the best part is, you do not have to commit with an advance. You only have to pay the developer once you are satisfied with their works. Also, the reviews of a developer can tell you a lot about their working method and skill. Rest assured, Freelancer is a popular hiring platform for all sorts of companies, from startups to enterprises. So it is always worth it to give this platform a try.


Gun is the easiest solution for you if you are in doubt about how to find and hire an android app developer. Their developers are experienced and professional in their work. So you do not have to worry about working with complete newbies who might know the nitty-gritty of the current market. All their freelancers have a satisfied clientele, and they can solve your specific problems with practical experience and expertise. They do not only build your app as you demand, rather they support you in your business in a holistic manner and genuinely try to help you out with the perfect solution. 

After you get a few candidates, you can interview them and hire them within 24 hours. Also, you do not have to worry about any additional charges. Their freelancers accept an hourly rate, so you only have to pay for the hours they work for you. only works with the best developers who are accustomed to the latest and top languages and frameworks, they also scrutinize your application vigorously before giving you a few options of android developers. In short, if quality and time is your only concern, you will never be disappointed here.

5. Codementor

It is another excellent platform to hire expert android developers. Codementors handpick the top 1.1% of developers to work for them. It gives it an edge over the others in terms of the quality and expertise of the developers. You can check the rating, expertise, experiences, and the platforms they have experience with- and you can thus shortlist the candidates easily. Their distinctive hiring process lets you hire your ideal developer within 72 hours. 

Also, you can easily trust the marvelous developers who have passed all the coding, interview, programming, and other tests and got qualified to work with the Arc. They give you a trial period where you can test with the developers. You have to pay them only after you have hired them and signed a contract. This platform is effective whether you want to hire a full-time developer or a freelancer.

6. Indeed

Indeed is also a popular hiring platform, and over 3,00,000 companies hire from Indeed. You can post a job here with a few clicks, and put details like the qualification and experience in the Android Developer job description. People will start applying for your jobs. You can then see their resume, their portfolio, and area of expertise. 

They give you a lot of options to verify their quality and hire accordingly. You can get their resources on hiring during COVID-19 and avail of their 1:1 customer support if you need their help at any point. Their single-screen dashboard makes it easy for everyone to hire and manage the project and communicate with the developers too. You can also find suitable candidates for your work by their skills, job title, and other details. As you can see, it is rather beginner-friendly for the wholesome support it gives you to hire the best fit for your company.

7. Guru

With a community of android developers over 28000, it becomes a matter of time to hire android app developers via Guru. It lets you post a job with simple clicks and get your quote within a few hours. You can then create a mutual agreement and hire developers. Their Workroom feature gives you easy access to the developers so you can track their progress and review their works. 

It also gives you four options of secured payment methods to choose from, so you can avoid any type of scanning. It also takes the lowest transaction fee. And if you want to hire directly, Guru gives you a long list of top-rated android developers. You can check their rating, area of expertise, and other details and ask them for a quote individually. The developer who fits your budget and suits your work culture most closely is the ideal candidate for you to hire.

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour lets you post a job requirement quickly and easily. Their cutting-edge AI-driven algorithm matches your requirement with the most fitted android app developers for hire. Then the developers come to you with their personalized proposals. You can choose one from them and start work immediately after giving a deposit in money. You only have to pay the entire amount after your project completes, and you are satisfied with it. Or, you can choose from their ocean of vigorously rated and reviewed freelancers directly and ask them for the quote. 

You can also test these developers with a low-paying offer. Their organized features let you easily share files, track the progress and communicate. They also offer a very secure payment method, where you can pay with just a click. So both you and the hired developer can feel safe in their environment. And finally, you can rate and review the freelancer so their next hirer can get a proper view of their expertise.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the corporate platform for any type of job- be it a full-time one or a contract-based. Numerous professionals are regularly active in this platform and share their expertise and insights on their works. It makes your work easy as you can quickly spot the most experienced developers and ask them if they are available. You can also post a job to hire Top Android Programmers. 

The developer will come to you with their proposal within hours, and you can shortlist them and hire them according to your choice. As a popular professional social media platform, most developers are on this platform, so you are sure to find your perfect android programmer for your app through this platform. 


Hiring a developer is not difficult at all. You just need to keep the right strategy in your mind. All these platforms have different methods, work environments, and terms and conditions. You can choose the platform you can be the most comfortable with and start looking for developers. It will take you less than a week to hire one, no matter what platform you choose. This way, you can balance both your budget and deadline, without sacrificing your quality. 


    • Should I post a job or ask the developers directly?

It mainly depends on your choice, budget, and timing. If you have a fixed budget or do not want to spend your time and energy finding suitable developers and asking them for work directly, you might want to post a job. Posting a job reduces the hassle to find the developers yourself but you have to go through the application and bidding of all the candidates. So it is your choice at any time.

    • Do I have to give my budget first or will they bid their charges to me?

Most established developers set their charges themselves, and you can get little space for negotiations. While the newcomers or the developers of some platforms are more comfortable bidding their prices for the lowest rate. So if you have a tight budget, state that in the first place, and if you can relax the budget a bit for the quality, it is a fair choice to let the programmers state their quotes.

    • What if I do not like the work of the developer?

So many platforms give you the option to pay them only if you are satisfied with their work. You can also ask for a free trial or let them work on a small project before entrusting your whole app to them.

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