You Must Follow 7 Steps for Custom App Development

7 Steps for Custom App Development

A mobile application or App (as it is commonly referred to) is something that we need for almost all our online transactions these days. From normal updates like weather check to request for services like food ordering the app-based system is driving the on-demand service ecosystem.

Apps are a must have for firms in order to operate their business online. Having an app is necessitated as it provides:

Ease of transaction for the user
Market Reach
Drive traffic
Assistance to Digital Marketing Strategy
Creates a presence for the business

Taking into consideration the importance and significance of an app for the business most of the firms or we can say more than 50% off the firms that are operating online commerce have their mobile app.

The very fact that major online service and e-shopping brands like Amazon and Uber drive the majority of their revenue from app-based transactions made by the user and not by the website based transactions.

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Having an app is one thing and having a custom app is different. Usually, firms with sufficient operational cost go for a custom app development, while most of the medium, small and budding enterprises opt for a clone script based app or clone app.

A clone app is one that utilizes the interface or outlook of a popular app in the respective category. On the other hand, a custom app is one that has its own unique outlook and interface. A custom app can be created either by taking inspiration from any popular serving app or by intermingling the idea with the popular element of the grossing app.

Custom app development is one of the best mobile app development strategies as it offers you an opportunity to build things from scratch and that too as per the needs of your business. To get a custom app developed the services of custom app developers is hired by the firms.

Though the idea of custom app development is a potential one executing the plan is not that easy. To get the desired custom app development one must adhere to and pay heed to some of the standard points and procedure.

If you are looking to get a custom app developed for your business or a budding app developer then you must be aware of these points and procedure. Worrying about where to get the details about them? Don’t bother yourself much as we are going to discuss the same here.

So, if you had that patience of reading till now, then it’s time to hold on to it as we are going to discuss the steps that must be followed in order to get a custom app developed. Let’s get the discussion underway.

» Decide on basics

The first and foremost thing in custom app development (or in case most of the development) is planning and deciding about the basics. In terms of the mobile app the basics happen to be:

Taking a decision in regards to the platform for which app shall be developed

Deciding on the revenue generation model of the app

In this regards the decision to get the app developed for more than one platform or OS (Operating System) and the cross-browser compatibility of the app also play a crucial part. To take decisions in regards to these aspects, do some research and analyze the market trend & facts.

Say, for example, if you are looking to have a custom app developed for a single platform/OS at the beginning the idea should be to get an Android App as more than 85% of smartphones today are running on Android OS. Similarly, the decision in regards to revenue generation model has to be taken.

» Understand the competition in the market

The last thing that you would want for your custom app is to share exact similarity to that of the rival app in the market. To avoid that you need to ensure that you research and evaluate the market well.

In regards to the market research and competition analysis focus on future prospects, that is what can be done to beat the competition in the future. Doing this research and study would help you bring that improvisation that will reflect in the face of a new and unique feature in your app.

To understand it better take an example of the food ordering app Food Panda. To capture on the small orders and single orders the app brought in no delivery charges, quick selection, and meal for one option on its app. This model became popular and most of the apps adopted it later. To better this Zomato (another food ordering app) bought in 50% off for all users.

Thus, market research and assessment provide you with a chance to be a notch ahead in the race of competition.

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» Have your say

Though developer of your app would be the one who would be taking the best decisions in regards to the development of your app you too have a big role to play. As a business owner, one must be having a design and idea in his mind in regards to the design and development of the app.

Don’t hesitate to share your idea with the developer and tell him to incorporate the same in custom app design and development if you feel that it would work. To provide useful inputs to your developer and designer sketch a picture of the future app and its functionality by donning the user cap. When you think from the perspective of the users there are high chances that you would drive out the best possible inputs. Well, ultimately the app has to pass the user test.

» Efficient and capable professionals

Talking about the hiring of developers you need to make sure that you are bringing on board some professional and experienced individuals. In this regards the decision to hire a full-fledged development team or to go for a small 2-3 member development group is what that you have to finalize.

Before taking a final call in regards to the hiring of the developer following things must be considered:

Experience of the developer in handling development projects
Technological capabilities of the developer
Previous work of the developer
Feedbacks that the developer has received from previous clients
Firsthand experience in mobile app development
Professional ethics of the developer

In terms of hiring a developer don’t be too eager to make a final call, take the time, do the research, and consult with a sufficient number of solution providers and then asses what’s best for you. Choose wisely so, that you don’t have to regret off late.

» Be a part of the team

Once you have taken a call in regards to the hiring of developer and have selected the group of professionals that you need on board you have done half the task. Now, to be relived and to let the team operate in regards to the app development on their own would be your biggest mistake.

Consult with the team regularly. Try to be a part of the group by providing ideas and sharing your insights. Maintain a track of daily updates and ask the team to update you about the progress at the end of each day. This ensures that:

The process is going as planned

Any intervention that you would like to make would be incorporated on time and in the development phase

So, make sure that your development team keeps you synced with their day to day work.

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» Time to go on the floor

If you have followed the above steps diligently then the next logical step is to test and run the app before its publishing. Testing and debugging are two important part of the trial run which ensures that the app runs smoothly when it goes floor.

Once the app passes the trial run its time for you to get the app published in the public domain. Promote if effectively and try to create suspense or hype among internet users before its official launch.

» Regular check

Last but surely not least is the maintenance and regular checking of the app. making sure that the app delivers to the need of the users is not a onetime development process. You need to make sure that the operations of the app remain thick and fast and the need for incorporation (if any) are met timely.

App development is a one-time process but its effective running is an ongoing and evolving process. To cater to the needs of these evolving process conduct the regular check and security-related audit of your custom mobile app.

Hope you enjoyed reading this step by step ready reference guide for custom app development. In case you feel that we missed on some of the important points then please bring it to our notice by the commenting in the comment section below. For more such exciting content stay connected with us.

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