Top 10+ Club Management Software In 2022 (Free & Paid)

Club management software is also popular as club membership software. Basically, this type of software is useful for associations and clubs. If you belong to any association or club, this one is a wonderful option for you where you can comfortably manage your business and provide effective customer service. Club management software is really popular in the sports industry. Many sports clubs, gyms, health clubs, fitness center are using this software to manage their business. The user can use this software to maintain records, scheduling, billing, reservation, and promotion. You can easily manage customer data through this software and improve your customer service through the best club management software. For example, you are running a gym center so you can smoothly manage gym membership records, appointments, customer feedback, payments, the reminder through this software. You can easily increase your Gym business revenue with the help of this software which one works as the best gym management software for you. SoftwareWorld offers the exclusive collection of top rated club management software. Here is the list.

Best Club Management Software

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List of Best Club Management Software, Fitness & Gym Membership Software Reviews


1. Virtuagym – All-in-One Club Management Software

Our Score 99/100

About Virtuagym : Discover the all-in-one fitness software features for your business with Virtuagym; it’s available for all fitness businesses like for fitness clubs, for personal trainers, and for studios. It’s easy to use club management software where the user can easily engage with their clients and increase business revenue. The software provides automated key business processes to save your time, money and resources. Just get the ultimate fitness software features through Virtuagym.

Virtuagym Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Check-in Manager, Contract Management, Employee Management, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS)

“Virtuagym enables you to better connect and engage with your community and is a complete approach to managing relationships and the health of members. The opportunity is in the long term to create change both for staff and members. The only thing I wish is that we started sooner” – Sherry Perez

Virtuagym Reviews



201 – 500





60+ Reviews


05 Reviews

Perfect Gym-best-club-management-software

2. Perfect Gym – Club management for fitness clubs, sports facilities & gyms

Our Score 98/100

About Perfect Gym : Manage your club effectively with Perfect Gym; it’s an all-in-one club management software suite made for the fitness professional to measure, develop and achieve their business goals. The Perfect Gym offers exclusive features for club management where the user can find membership management, billing, booking, marketing, reporting, business intelligence & analytics feature, innovative payment solutions and much more.

Perfect Gym Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Check-in Manager, Contract Management, Employee Management, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS)

“It´s perfect if you manage a big fitness center: you can take control of everything. Just remembering to your customers the time of their class or follow their bills and payments.” – José Fernando B.

Perfect Gym Reviews

Perfect Gym Solutions


51 – 200


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


20+ Reviews


01 Reviews


3. Glofox – Gym, Fitness & Yoga Studio Management Software

Our Score 97/100

About Glofox : Grow your fitness studio with Glofox; it’s a gym and fitness studio management software to acquire new customers, manage your fitness studio with easy payment processing & member management, retain customers with personal touches they expect, and grow your business with actionable insights. The software is really helpful to make easy daily admin work and it’s the perfect solution for the gyms, yoga studios, and for multi-location studios.

Glofox Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Check-in Manager, Contract Management, Employee Management, Event Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS)

“The information we have access to thanks to the reporting and analytics tool are second to none. Technical support is always on hand to help with queries and response time is very quick. Our members have praised how easy the Member App it is to book and pay for classes.” – Andy Moran

Glofox Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


180+ Reviews


40+ Reviews


4. TeamUp – Efficient management for your club

Our Score 97/100

About TeamUp: TeamUp is the leading software system for independent fitness business owners. TeamUp is the best software to help take away the complexity of running your fitness gym, box, or studio. We believe in the success of our customers, and we’re different because that is what drives us as a business, above everything else. We started back in 2012 and quickly built a reputation for reliability and willingness to adapt to our customers’ needs. Our software offers bookings, payments, and a rich feature-set of business management including valuable insights and reporting, specially designed for fitness business owners. We work with some of the leading independent businesses, are well known and have market share in CrossFit, and also work with some of the most exciting new franchises.

TeamUp Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Mobile Access, Online Bookings, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS), Team Management, Visitor Management, Website Management

“TeamUp allows me to see immediately how many members I have on which tariff enabling me to forecast financially, set targets and followup extremely efficiently.” – Georgia Hall

TeamUp Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


80+ Reviews


5 Reviews

Upper Hand-best-club-management-software

5. Upper Hand – Innovative Sports and Fitness Software

Our Score 97/100

About Upper Hand: Upper Hand is the leading provider of full-suite sports and fitness management software that enable businesses to achieve more while doing less. Sports and fitness facilities, studios, and businesses – from small enterprises to large franchises – use Upper Hand’s integrated software and payments platform to operate their business more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction, and leverage real-time data for better decision-making. Its product suite includes features to manage client booking and registration, memberships, staff and facility scheduling, retail, video analysis, and more.

Upper Hand Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Mobile Access, Online Bookings, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS), Team Management, Visitor Management, Website Management

“Upper Hand has been user-friendly in its ease of use and organization. It has really streamlined our business and helped us take the next step in our growth. We appreciate how they are always adding new features to expand their software.” – Freddy Meyer

Upper Hand Reviews

Upper Hand

United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


0 Reviews


6. WellnessLiving – Business management for the health & fitness industry

Our Score 96/100

About WellnessLiving : Get the next generation software for wellness businesses with WellnessLiving; It’s the best local marketing platform where the user can easily get listed their business in leading wellness directory. The software also provides powerful CRM functionality to manage prospects and clients. Through WellnessLiving, the user can also get payment option, advanced & interactive reporting feature, staff & payroll management, collect & share customer reviews on Google, website widgets, integrated email/SMS notifications & automated marketing and much more.

WellnessLiving Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Check-in Manager, Contract Management, Employee Management, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS)

“Well let me tell you my customers love it, and the migration was so simple. I was really hesitant to switch, but I’m really glad I did. I am now saving over $250 per month because I no longer need to use Heal Code, Constant Contact, Perkville and am enjoying so many more benefits.” – Jonalyn Henle

WellnessLiving Reviews

WellnessLiving Systems


11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


170+ Reviews


20+ Reviews


7. GymMaster – All-in-one Club Management System

Our Score 96/100

About GymMaster : GymMaster is the all-in-one system currently helping thousands of clubs grow around the world – taking the stress out of club management with powerful tools such as automated billing, triggered communications, online sign-ups, paperless waivers, 24/7 access control and much more. The easy-to-use club management software is quick to learn and managed from the cloud – allowing you to run your business anywhere, anytime and from any device. GymMaster can also boost your list of club members, increase how often they visit your club and help you retain them for longer. To learn how, book a free demo today!

GymMaster Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing, Mobile Access, Online Bookings, Point of Sale (POS), Team Management, Visitor Management

“I just love the fact that the software provides me with all the tools to manage and build my business. As a new business owner I do find the software very easy to use and also very informative. I can’t see how I could run and manage my gym without GymMaster.” – Gideon Lemmer

GymMaster Reviews

Treshna Enterprises

New Zealand

51 – 200





90+ Reviews


02 Reviews

Martial Arts on Rails-best-club-management-software

8. Martial Arts on Rails – Best Gym and martial arts management software

Our Score 96/100

About Martial Arts on Rails: Gym and martial arts management software that frees up your time and helps you grow. Martial Arts on Rails is provides all the tools you need in one place, with a modern user experience that is easy to use and reduces frustration for your staff and members. From digital sign-ups and waivers to membership management, attendance tracking, recurring payments and even a free website and online shop.

Martial Arts on Rails Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Mobile Access, Online Bookings, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS), Team Management, Visitor Management, Website Management

“What can I say, I have tested many systems promising so much and in the end either too difficult to learn or just doesn’t deliver. However, with Martial Arts on Rails it was completely different, easy to set up, easy to use and students / instructors love it. Been using their software coming up for 6 months and so far they get 10 out of 10.” – Master Cameron

Martial Arts on Rails Reviews

Martial Arts on Rails

United States

1 – 10





40+ Reviews


07 Reviews


9. BookSteam – Smart Online Appointment Scheduler

Our Score 95/100

About BookSteam : Simplify hectic schedule and increase business revenue with BookSteam; the online appointment scheduling software to book & attract new customers, to accept online payments & promote businesses with special promo codes, and to build customer relationship to retain customer ratio and for effective business growth. Through BookSteam, the user can manage and connect with their all customers and view their details and records as well.

BookSteam Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Employee Management, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Payment Processing, Point of Sale (POS)

“My clients really appreciate the courtesy when they receive a reminder from my business of their upcoming appointments. I’m able to just set up my automatic email reminders and forget it.” – Rachel K.

BookSteam Reviews



2 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

ReServe Event Management-best-club-management-software

10. ReServe Event Management – Web-based event management solution for caterers

Our Score 93/100

About ReServe Event Management : Reserve Interactive is hospitality software solutions offer ReServe Event management software to manage club membership. It’s intuitive software for catering, event management, table management, and dining reservation. The user can also get billing & invoicing, contract management, inventory management, marketing management, membership management, payment processing, and much more features through ReServe Event Management. This is the world-class solution for the caterers.

ReServe Club Management Features : Billing & Invoicing, Contract Management, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Membership Management, Payment Processing

“Reserve puts everything in one place and makes life easy. It saves time in my busy schedule and keeps me organized. The email template and ability to look back on emails it helps me so much! I have been a huge advocate of reserve since I learned how to utilize it. It truly makes work easier and more organized!” – Sarah S.

ReServe Event Management Reviews

ReServe Interactive

United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


60+ Reviews


0 Reviews


11. SportsEngine – Operations management for sports leagues, teams, and clubs

Our Score 92/100

About SportsEngine : Find the perfect sports league, camp, clinic or tournament near you with SportsEngine; the users can find perfect sports activity for them or their child. If you are interested in the sports activity, you can easily find preferred tournament and get involved easily through the software. SportsEngine is the best platform for the millions of parents, volunteers, coaches, administrators and for those who are associated with sports.

SportsEngine Club Management Features : League Management, Team Management, Content Management, Registration, Background Screening, and Volunteer Management

“We just ran a fundraiser through the site. 4421 individual products sold through a shareable social media link from our Sports Engine team page. We made money for our lacrosse club and I didn’t have to lift a finger. They built it all as a registration. When it comes time for delivery I run one report and all the data is there.” – Mark M.

SportsEngine Reviews


United States

501 – 1000



Yes, get a free trial


150+ Reviews


05 Reviews


12. Bookeo – Online Appointments Scheduling & Payments

Our Score 91/100

About Bookeo : Save money and time with the best online booking system & scheduling software; Bookeo is appointment software for service providers, schools, and tour companies. Through the online reservation system of Bookeo, the user can accept online payments, accept online bookings from any device, and maximize business profit with ease. It’s easy to integrate software with the third-party platform and it’s also easy-to-use for the new users.

Bookeo Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Check-in Manager, Employee Management, Event Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing

“No hidden or extra costs, just one monthly fee based on a generous tier of registrations each month.Our students love it too. They love that it’s so quick and easy to register for classes! And finally, I loved that I didn’t have to wait to speak with anyone to get set up and begin using this brilliant product.” – Kelly B.

Bookeo Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


60+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

Team App-best-club-management-software

13. Team App – App creation for sports teams, clubs, leagues & associations

Our Score 90/100

About Team App : Improve communication with Team App; it is a platform where the user can develop an application for team communication. The software provides the best club management solution to the users where they can get attendance tracking, billing & invoicing, check-in manager, contract management, inventory management, marketing management, membership management, payment processing and much more features for effective club management.

Team App Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Check-in Manager, Contract Management, Employee Management, Event Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing

“Having my Teams App on the phone is a great way to stay connected. I receive regular messages from the coaches, I can see player availabilities, dates for club functions and can participate in confidential discussion groups.” – KYE CHERIAN

Team App Reviews

Team App


11 – 50


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


05 Reviews


14. TeamStats – Transform club and team organisation with TeamStats

Our Score 89/100

About TeamStats : Transform club and team organization with TeamStats. It’s football team management app and soccer software to analyze team and players’ performance. The user can get professional features for all football teams through TeamStats like team resource, organizing matches & training, track availability, managing team finance, club wise features and much more. It’s the beneficial software for the management, team players, fans & parents.

TeamStats Club Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Management, Event Management, Member Portal, Membership Management, Payment Processing

“Very good app and the support is awesome! Very intuitive and the support are super fast at implementing the changes we requested to help with our specific needs (e.g. editing recurring events)” – Daz M.

TeamStats Reviews

United Kingdom

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


30+ Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Club Management Software

Club Management Features Perfect Gym Virtuagym Glofox TeamUp WellnessLiving BookSteam ReServe SportsEngine Bookeo Team App
Price Not provided by vendor $29.00/ month $100.00/ month $59.00/ month $39.00/ month $19.95/ month/user Not provided by vendor $60.00/ month $39.95/ month Not provided by vendor
Attendance Tracking                
Billing & Invoicing              
Check-in Manager              
Contract Management              
Employee Management                
Event Management                  
Inventory Management              
Marketing Management                  
Member Portal                
Membership Management                
Payment Processing                  
Point of Sale (POS)            

Club Management Software Buyer's Guide

Managing activities at a club, sports team, yoga studio, or other organizations can be time-consuming. Generating invoices, processing payments, and tracking membership take away your time and bottom line. All this will get easier for managing clubs with the club management system. You track all the information concerning managing member schedules, memberships, attendance tracking, and recent performance.

» What is Club Management Software?

The club management software helps users to manage yoga studios, dance studios, sports teams, martial arts centers, and fitness centers. The software is easy to use and helps you grow your business over multiple locations. You will have all the information at the tips of your fingers. With the ability to manage billings, selling products, create membership and financial reports easily. This helps you to focus more on real work to grow your business.

» What are the Features of Club Management Software? 

The club management software program can also be termed as, Gym management software, Fitness Management software, and Membership management software. The best club management software will be designed to be flexible, and able to operate for almost any type of business: fitness center, gym, health clubs, educational institution clubs, country clubs, studios, and other associations.

The software helps these clubs and associations to sell themselves better and improve their services provided to customers. Following are the main features offered by club management software programs:

› Membership management: 

With the club membership software, you can edit and save member records, search for members in the database, and upgrade or downgrade memberships as needed.

› Easy-to-use: 

The software should allow you to define what information is important and adjust the data as per your needs. It should be simple to use with various customization options, allowing you to integrate the software with your website.

› Staff Management: 

You should be able to organize the timesheets, biometric access, and work schedules of your employees.

› Client Management:

The software should make it easy to maintain all the information in one place. You can easily keep track of your client’s information such as their bookings, payments, and progress.

› Bookings:

The software enables your employees to book and reschedule classes as well as appointments. The best club management software allows members to share their schedules on various social media networks. It should generate automated reminders to eliminate no-shows.

› Rewards and Promotions: 

Your software should have a feature that allows you to award gift cards, benefits, and discounts to members through loyalty programs. It should also enable you to send social media notifications, text messages, and automated emails to all members.

› Reporting:

You should easily track all your financial transactions, membership retention, important classes, membership time-period, who’s at risk of leaving. Your software should generate suitable reports on your club’s performance, finances, and other details.

› Financial Management:

The software should accept payments through, cash, wire transfer, debit, or online form giving you a complete view of what’s happening in your business.

› Access and Attendance:

The software should streamline complete access control over member check-in, attendance for booked classes through biometric or barcode scanning.

› Mobile Application: 

The app should have all the necessary features to manage your business, along with digital signatures and sign-ups off-site.

» What are the Benefits of Club Management Software?

Fitness gym management software is an intuitive solution that saves time and offers an unbeatable member experience. The software manages your payments, customer data, class schedule, and automate marketing campaigns. There are many benefits to the software that helps to make your business successful.

› Improves Revenue: 

The software helps you to reach out to more members and encourages existing members to extensively use your services and facilities.

› Full Business Solution:

With the club management software, you can manage all members, collect payments with various methods, create and send reminders, and whatnot. The software will be your one-stop program for your business.

› Improves Productivity:

You can automate your routine tasks which saves your employees time and energy. This time can be used to focus on productive marketing campaigns.

› Better Data Security:

The best club management software ensures data protection, as You are in the business where maintaining confidentiality regarding member’s information is crucial.

› Integration With Existing Systems:

The software seamlessly integrates with already existing software in your business, ensuring no repetition if data entry. You can store all your information in a single solution and generate useful reports whenever needed.

› Happy member experiences: 

Your members can use online portals and forums to share their experiences with other users. This will enhance your member’s satisfaction and improves loyalty and retention.

» What is the Cost of Club Management Software?

The Club management software should offer everything you require to bring you a long-term vision to life. You should choose software that is technically sound with a comprehensive security system as your business is answerable to your customers, staff members, and business partners. Analyze if the software meets general and industry-specific compliance and security standards. Before you invest, obtain satisfactory answers to all your questions. Use their free trial before you install one in your business to experience the software and to understand how you will benefit from it.

If you are not happy with the software you chose, you can move on to another reliable fitness gym management system. You can also ask for a demo and request for quote mentioning your business needs, as some marketers have various packages/plans for various requirements. During the demo, you will know how the software helps you to run the business efficiently, generate more revenue, creates loyalty, a happy customer base, and growing your business. The cost of the software also depends on the size of your company. Usually, the software price varies depending on their features and availability and starts from $40/month to $130/month.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Club Management Software

1. Does your club management software offer membership management tools?
2. Will your solution include attendance tracking capability?
3. Will I be able to manage events through this system?
4. Does it provide the functionality to handle my inventory management requirements?
5. Will the software pack in tools for marketing automation?
6. Does the system offer a member portal?
7. Is the product capable of providing a hassle-free online booking service to members?
8. How does its reservation management work?
9. Will the system simplify the task of team administration and management?
10. Will the software let me track employees’ time and attendance?
11. Does the software help in scheduling and rescheduling sessions?
12. Can the system help me plan and execute promotional offers? 
13. How can I track and manage visitors through this software?
14. Does the system make team communication simpler?
15. Does the system facilitate website management capabilities?
16. Does the system support POS (Point of Sale)?
17. How would your software handle payment processing? How safe would be the entire process?
18. Which devices and platforms does your solution support?
19. Does the software offer remote access?
20. Is there a way to carry out invoicing and billing using the system more efficiently?
21. Can I restrict access to certain data from specific user groups?
22. What are your software’s reporting capabilities? Can I personalize these reports as per my preference? 
23. Is your product flexible enough to meet my future needs?
24. Will your product offer seamless integration with other business solutions I use at present?
25. Will the system complement my workflows, or I’m required to alter them?
26. Can the software be customized?
27. How will you train us? What would be the duration?
28. How often do you release software updates? Will there be downtime during an upgrade?
29. What is your ongoing support policy?
30. Can I try the fully-featured product for free before purchasing it?

» Conclusion

Selecting the perfect club management software for your business needs can be a tough task, as there are numerous options available in the market now. To make it easy for you, consider what your business needs are and look for the features that support your needs. At times, club management software can be difficult to use due to the frequent addition of new features to make them more effective. So, it is important to train your employees on how to use the software for maximizing the benefits.

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