Best Sites to Hire Software Developers in 2022

list of top Sites to Hire Software Developers

Software is everywhere.

From your calendar to your document reader- you are surrounded by software nowadays. And in the upcoming years, the usage of software will only go up as the technology evolves and we can get much more work done through the software.

If you are willing to build software for your business, now is the right time to do it. The market is huge but not too saturated, and you have a massive chance to grow in this industry. From research of the US Bureau of labor statistics, the market for software developers will grow up to 21% by 2028, while the average growth rate of other jobs is 5%.

But building software on your own is really difficult. Even if you specialize in this aspect, you might miss the tiny details and latest industry trends. And a hired developer can give you that objective view on your project that you cannot have as you are way too much invested in this project. This is why you should invest in hiring a software developer to hit your long-term goals.

But hiring a full-time developer will likely give you a toll on your budget. Also, most software does not require updates that frequently, and it is enough to build the software once and hire some professional occasionally for upgrades and other maintenance works.

So hiring a contract-based coder or a freelancer who specializes in the domain of your software is ideal.

But do you have any prior hiring experience?

If you do not, then hiring for the first time is going to be hectic.

There are so many methods and so many websites that you will get confused. Also, there is always a lingering risk of hiring someone who is not fit for your project.

But do not worry; we have covered everything on how to hire software developers here, so you do not have to waste your time on useless stuff.

» How can you hire software developers?

There are mainly two ways to hire a developer:

    • Posting a job and shortlisting candidates

You can visit the sites and simply post a job with all your requirements. The suitable candidates will apply to your jobs and you can choose your hire from their judging their resume or coding a short interview overcall. This will save your time as you do not have to research and pitch to the coders. And if you are tight on budget, this is the option for you.

    • Visiting freelancers’ profiles and pitching to the suitable ones

If you do not want to sacrifice quality over budget, and having a top-notch project is your only concern- this is for you. This way you can have the top experts work for you, and the chance of success of your product will increase manifold. Also, the best coders do not apply to jobs and are already working in a reputed job post- so you have to approach them individually to get their assistance.

You have to provide a detailed description of your job in both cases, so the developer can have a complete view of the scope of the work. You can avail a paid or free test period before handling them over the project entirely, this will ensure your software is in the right hand.

» What should you keep in mind while choosing a software developer?

There are so many factors you should keep in mind while hiring a coder for your business. Here are the top few:

    • The coding language required for your project

There are so many languages involved in software development alone. There are Java, Python, SQL and so many others and one cannot possibly master all of them. So you need to choose the language most preferred in your product and hire accordingly.

    • The areas of expertise of that developer

A developer can be an expert in AWS, Azure, Big data, Linux OS, or any other areas, but again you need to shortlist the skill you should be looking for.

    • The past experiences and reviews

The projects a developer has worked on in their past tell a lot about their skills and expertise. You should have a good look at their portfolio and also the reviews of their past clients. You can get a good idea of what you can expect from them this way.

    • Soft skill

Soft skill is another important factor. A developer should be versatile, good in communication, strict to deadlines, and have a great sense of what is expected from the project. You can check them by having a short interview or opting for a trial period.

    • Compatibility

This one is linked with your style in business. Do your vibe match? Are you two compatible in terms of your non-negotiables, business ethics, and other factors? These might sound trivial but are important for a successful product.

Here we have compiled the top sites to hire software developers, so you can find a suitable website in no time. Take a look...

1. Upwork

If you are trying to find a platform where most software developers for hire are present and willing to offer you their services, Upwork is the perfect platform for you. You can post a job here with all your requirements of experience, skills, and expertise- so the suitable candidate can pitch their services to you. You can also ask them to work for you directly. You can know the details of their background and work experience from their profile.

You can also check how much they charge for their work on an hourly basis, so you can hire them according to your budget from the get-go. This saves you a lot of hassle to qualify them first and then coming to know their rate is beyond your budget. Upwork values their services- you can always ask for assistance from their recruiters if you are stuck or unsure at any point of the recruitment process about anything. They charge a commission from the pay to the freelancers, so you do not have to worry about paying the platform separately.

2. Indeed

Indeed simplifies the process of hiring for you. You can post a job with your requirements and your budget- so the only people who are satisfied with your budget can contact you, and you can save some precious time. They send their resume so you can glance over their experience and areas of expertise and you can state the nitty-gritty of your requirements to them. All of these eliminate the chances of getting an unfit applicant for your jobs and you only have to shortlist the people who are willing to work with you with your conditions.

They offer several searching criteria like salary estimate, education level, preferred language, and location- that helps you find the tribe of freelance software engineers for hire that you are looking for. You can simply create a free account and post a job. It lets you get started in minutes and helps you all the way to find the perfect software developer for your company.

3. Toptal

What can be a better place to find the best-rated software developers than Toptal! Their extensive shortlisting makes it a community of the top 3% freelance developers in the world. So you will hire a highly skilled developer from them. But to check which candidates qualify for the standard and requirement of your specific project, you can visit their profile. The profiles of developers on Toptal have all the details you might need- from the location, experience to their level of expertise in unique skills and language.

Their availability, detailed work history, and testimonials will make your job easier to select the best-suited candidate from there. Toptal gives you a risk-free trial to choose developers. Once you are satisfied with them and want to hire a developer, you have to pay a small commission to the site authority. You have to give them basic details of the project and what kind of developer you are looking for. So they can provide you with some shortlisted candidates to choose from.

4. Freelancer

If you are unsure about the budget you should allocate to hire a software developer- you can get the best answer from this website. It offers a free quote to you within a minute once you submit your project details to them. People from all over the world hire from Freelancer, whether they are start-up owners or the HR manager of some enterprise. You can post a job here with just a few clicks and get started.

You will start getting applications from the most suited freelancers from the thousands of software developers of this portal. You can shortlist them according to their experience and expertise. The rating system of the portal makes sure you do not end up hiring an unskilled developer. Freelancer supports your project even after you hire a developer- you can track the project through its dashboard. And only after you are satisfied with the work, you have to pay here.

5. Guru

From the community of thousands of the top software developers in Guru, you will find a suitable developer for your project. You can both post a job and approach the developers here. You can post the job at no cost on this platform. It has an overall satisfaction rating of 99%, so it is unlikely that you will be dissatisfied with its work. The profiles of the coders show their expertise, experience, background, skills, rating, and other details.

You have to pitch them your offer so they can quote their prices and you can choose whether they fit your budget. You can also search coders and shortlist them according to a specific skill. Guru also provides you a workroom to manage your project and communicate with your hired developer. And after you finish the work, you can select a payment method and pay them. Its dedicated support system saves you from any trouble too.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for most professionals. And in the case of finding a software developer, it is a goldmine. You can also approach developers working on a job and not open to freelance work for others. It lets you post jobs with the details of your requirements and hire from the applicants. Also, you can search from a wide range of developers and find the right fit for you.

Unlike most platforms, it does not charge you for finding a hire. You can discuss your requirements from its chatbox. The profiles of the software developers tell you about the background, experience, achievements, and other details to help you choose the best option for you. As it will not charge you for your hiring, you can work and pay according to your own choice and manage the project on any platform suitable to you.

7. GitHub

What can be a better place to hire a freelancer for software development than the world’s biggest social coding site? It lets you search for developers and overview their portfolio, experience, expertise. It also tells you about their backgrounds and the websites they own. You can search them according to the language they specialize in and also their locations. Then you can filter the candidates and approach them by the contact information they provide on their repository.

You can then curate a custom message and send them stating your exact requirement. Then you can shortlist and qualify the developers and finally hire them for your project. The best part of Github is that it tells you the overview of the developer’s contribution to the previous projects and how valuable their work has been. You can also crosscheck their profiles from other social media platforms to get a holistic picture of the candidates.

8. PeoplePerHour

This website can help you to hire the best software developer for your business. Their diverse community of coders from all around the world with different areas of expertise is one of the best for your software developer hunt. You can see the experience, portfolio, expertise, and rating right from the beginning. So you can choose them according to your needs. They also state their hourly rate on the profile itself, so you do not have to worry about getting out of budget.

More importantly, they provide their responding time to save you from an unusually long wait to get a response from them. And as the website name suggests, the coders charge on an hourly basis, so you might not get an accurate quote from the very beginning. Apart from searching the developers for their skills, you can post a job there. The algorithm notifies the developers who are the best fit for your job. This portal offers a great way to test the skill of a coder. It is known as “offer”, and here they perform a small chunk of work for you with a small amount. This way, you can ensure you are hiring the right person without losing a fortune.

9. Turing

Turing offers you a groundbreaking deal of a 2-week trial- so you do not have a chance of ending up hiring unfit freelance software developers for your project. Turing conducts extensive scrutiny to ensure all its developers are top-notch in their field. It makes the hiring process fast for business owners like you, and you can complete the hiring process within just three days. It also eases the confusion regarding the time zones so you can communicate with the developers smoothly.

It needs all the details of your work like the preferred skill set, your hiring need, number of employees for your company. Then it contacts you via email and then works through the hiring process for a smooth and suitable choice. Their collection of vetted remote developers makes the quality of your project high and thus increases the chance of success for your business. Their detailed database of each freelance software developer also gives you an idea of what you can expect from them.


After going through the places to hire software developers, you must now have an idea of the steps you need to take. The detailed process varies for different websites, but all these sites are great options for a new business owner to hire. Choose the most suitable website and take the plunge. It is going to be a great learning experience for you for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I hire when I am a non-technical person?

Hiring a hard-core developer while being a non-technical person yourself is difficult, we understand. But you do not have to dive deep into their field knowledge. You can ask them about their previous works and other general questions. You will find the perfect hire soon as the confidence and body language will tell you a lot about them. And you do not have to know coding to judge their soft skills and ethics.

Should I go for an hourly rate or a project-based rate?

It primarily depends on the work. If the project is short-term and you want to hire experts, an hourly rate is the best method as they will require less time and fewer revisions. And else go for a project-based rating as it will be suitable to your budget. Also, some websites only offer hourly ratings, so check it out first.

What should I do for the maintenance and upgrades of my sites?

After you complete working building your software for the first time, you will gain enough experience to deal with additional issues. You can ask the same developer again for your further needs, and you can even sign a contract for a few months or a year so you can avail of their support whenever you need them.

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