Why You Need Cloud-Based Call Center Software

Why You Need Cloud-Based Call Center Software

Call center software helps streamline the daily processes of your call center. This software is strategically designed to synchronize tracking, managing, and routing inbound and outbound calls to the right hands. Hence, every business needs to have call center software for seamless operations.

Moreover, it facilitates call monitoring and call-recording functionalities for the sole purpose of quality assurance. It improves productivity, efficiency, customer service and provides insightful analytics and enhanced reporting features for the management.

However, now more than ever, there is a need for more advanced call center software - all thanks to COVID-19.

» Unexpected Changes and A New Era

We have been accustomed to the idea of artificial intelligence leading the workforce of the future someday. Well, “someday” has finally arrived. While we aren’t turning to artificial intelligence and robotics quite yet, the transition of physical call centers into virtual call centers has become a reality.

The pandemic of 2020 has upended several industries across the globe, forcing them to close their doors forever. Amid the global crisis, call centers have been pushed to rethink and change the way they function. With the spike in infection across every country each day, call centers are forced to find other reliable solutions.

Most call centers were not prepared to transition into a Work From Home (WFH) model. It was extremely difficult for managers and representatives as they were forced to replicate the same productivity and efficiency without any hardware assistance.

And this is where the importance of a virtual call center was recognized, and the power of cloud-based call center software was realized.

During these unprecedented times, turning to cloud-based software has been ideal for call centers to stay afloat, maintain efficiency, and maximize performance.

» What is cloud-based call center software?

Cloud-based call center software provides solutions hosted offsite, in the cloud, to be exact, by a business phone service provider. Users can easily access telephonic services through an application installed on their laptops or mobile devices.

Essentially, your call center’s data would be hosted on the cloud, and the corresponding servers would belong to a service provider or a third party. With internet access of sufficient bandwidth, you can operate your virtual call center and access your data anywhere and anytime.

» Benefits of Cloud-Based Call Center Software

Cloud-based solutions eliminate a business' requirement to purchase and maintain physical servers for telephones and other related hardware to run their call centers. Since it is hosted in the cloud, you can avoid time-consuming installations and effortlessly scale your call centers in multiple locations without any disruptions to your operations.

With the pandemic around, here are a few benefits of cloud-based software that prove it’s time for a change.

› Easy Remote Working and Access

A Gartner survey revealed that nearly 50% of organizations have more than 80% of their workforce working remotely due to the pandemic. Additionally, the State of Remote Report 2020 shows that 98% of employees would like to work remotely even after the pandemic has passed, at least some of the time.

easy Remote Working and Access


One significant advantage of implementing cloud-based call center software is the flexibility it offers representatives to work remotely. Moreover, it is easier for managers to oversee remote workers as they can effortlessly access the software online and gain invaluable insights into representatives' daily activities.

Giving your representatives the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere can boost employee productivity and morale. In fact, Gallup research says that 54% of office workers would leave their current jobs for one that allows greater flexibility.

Benefits of remote working


› Reduced Costs

Cost-effectiveness is another tremendous advantage of deploying cloud-based call center software. Typically, on-premise products have significantly larger upfront fees for implementation in addition to maintenance and up-gradation expenses.

In fact, cloud-based solutions would only require a subscription, unlike their on-premise counterparts. Lack of such costs makes cloud-based solutions the most affordable option for businesses of every size this year!

Moreover, the software vendor would generally handle the updates and maintenance of a cloud-based solution, thereby eliminating your center's administrative burden. This translates into reduced work for your business and allows you to be cost-effective in terms of labor time required to completely manage your call center solution.

› Faster Implementation

On-premise call center software is installed on local servers. This means that it can take weeks, or even months, to entirely implement and deploy the software. On the other hand, cloud-based call center solutions can be set up much faster since users will be accessing them online.

Get your call center up and running from anywhere in a matter of weeks! Your representatives can make and receive calls with customers through their digital devices by simply installing the required software.

› Higher Business Flexibility

A cloud-based solution is not exclusive to a specific type of call center. Regardless of your business’s size and operation type, you can quickly adapt and utilize the software as you grow. For instance, a call center with 10 representatives can use the same solution as a company with over 100 representatives.

Get yourself software that can grow along with your call center. You can effortlessly scale the software by comprehensively assessing your center's size, requirements, and organizational goals.

› Greater Security

Data security is pivotal to any business. Without a reliable and robust security system, important company and customer information may be in jeopardy. Cloud-based software comes with impenetrable security through several latest features to keep your data safe within the cloud data backup.

The responsibilities of reviewing and enforcing security protocols fall solely on the service providers, thereby avoiding the costs and efforts of hiring experts to maintain the system.

› Increased Agent Productivity

Compared to traditional call center solutions, cloud-based call center software comes with additional features that promote the representatives' efficiency and productivity. With a user-friendly and effective interface, the software can prioritize calls, monitor in real-time, and route calls seamlessly with a sophisticated call route matrix.

The system can assess and monitor several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time to track your representatives' productivity. This generates accurate data for you and provides critical management feedback on areas that require attention.

› Improved Customer Experiences

Customer relationship management determines the profitability of a business. According to SuperOffice, over 85% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. In fact, a Walker study found that customer experience is bound to overtake product and price as key brand differentiators in 2020.

Improved Customer Experiences


Owing to the constant customer interactions, call centers can significantly dictate customer experience and, subsequently, a business' profitability.

Cloud-based call centers allow users to seamlessly access the system online and deliver exceptional customer experiences with instant access to customer information from anywhere and at any time. This translates into retaining and gaining more customers and better profits for you, making the cloud-based solution a worthwhile investment.

» The Final Cut for the Change

Today’s business scenario demands agile technology powered by responsive decision-making. This enhances customer service and helps you stay ahead of the competitive clutter.

Cloud-based call centers have become the face of many businesses this year. It has become important for organizations to adopt this systematic approach to support a customer base with ever-changing preferences. Moreover, this software solution is architected for higher availability. This results in customers experiencing higher uptime, thereby leading to reduced customer service issues.

The only challenge for you is choosing the right cloud-based call center software and strategic vendor-partner to accomplish your organizational goals.

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