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» What is a QR code?

It is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that consists of several dots together. These dots are also known as QR code modules or data pixels. They have been in existence since 1994. QR code, also known as a quick response code. It is a kind of barcode. But a QR code can store much more information compared to a barcode. Now, you can scan this QR code through a mobile phone camera or a QR code scanner device. Now the question arises.

» What is a QR code generator QR code maker?

QR code generator QR code maker is a software that creates QR codes and stores data into them. It is also known as QR code generator software. Do you want a QR code generator free of cost? It would help if you decided this based on your business' requirements as they are both free and paid.

» QR code Maker / QR code Generator Software

A QR code generator software creates bar code that helps people to scan and be directed to a specific URL, save or produce some contact information, or in most cases, make a payment. QR codes can be coloured as well as black and white. They are black and white in most cases, though. But what is the use of QR codes in businesses? Mobile marketing majorly involves the usage of QR codes. QR code-based business cards are popular among companies. It carries all the contact information of the business that can be imported by simply scanning the QR code. So, are you finding a QR code generator? This comparative research of ours is just for you.

» Static and Dynamic QR code Generator

Based on editing permits after creation, there are two types of QR code generators- Static and Dynamic QR code generator. Static QR code generator creates codes that can not be changed after creation. These QR codes carry permanent information like the email.

The Dynamic QR code generator creates dynamic QR codes. The dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the information after creation any number of times. These QR codes are capable of tracking the number of times people have scanned, the operating system, and also the location of the scan at times. The codes created by Dynamic QR code generator carry a URL. This URL directs people to the desired location/landing page.

» The best free QR code generator for your business is here

1. QR Code Generator

This is a free QR code generator website for the first 14 days of usage. You can test all features free of cost in the trial phase. It helps you to create QR codes for business contact cards, flyers, brochures, labels and stickers, product and food packaging, banners, books, clothing, magazines, posters, stationery, and many more uses.

It allows you to choose the coding according to your requirement. The options vary from directing to a pdf or a Facebook page. You can also customize the readymade templates of QR codes by adding the logo of your company.

They also help to track the success of campaigns by recording the statistics. The stats include minor details like the number of times, location, and other details when scanned. You can download the QR codes in various formats like JPEG, PNG, SVG, and EPS.

2. QRTIGER QR Code generator

QRTIGER is one of the most advanced QR code generators that offers a variety of QR code solutions. They have an easy flow to make a customized QR code as for URL, vCard, social media QR code as many more. Furthermore, its interface has a professional, minimalistic, and easy to use phase that users can use without any difficulties. With its safe and budget-friendly bundles, small and large companies can integrate the use of QR code technology in their products and services while saving funds for other uses. The QR code solutions the software offer gives users a competitive edge to users. Also, it allows them to customize their QR codes and fashion them with their brandings and even add their logo. Its probably the most advanced QR code generator we found online.

3. QRCode Monkey

This is one of the best free QR code generator websites; it provides free of cost QR codes. It is a professional QR code management platform that allows you to create and track your QR code campaigns. It has several attractive features like Bulk QR code creation and editing, Campaign folders to organize different campaigns, Statistics, design options. Most importantly, they provide dynamic QR codes, which means that you can edit them whenever you want.

They provide you with a four-step QR code creation procedure.

Input the QR content- Here you select the text, contact, or URL to be saved in the code.
• Design - Now you select the shape and colours based on your preference. Your company logo can be inserted in this step.
• Generate QR code - Check the preview and scan the QR code to see if it works.
• Download - You can now download the QR code in your desired formats like .png and .pdf.

Apart from adding the logo to the QR code, this QR code generator has several other advantages. Their QR codes never expire, but they cannot be edited.

4. QRStuff

This is again a free QR code generator website. Additional perks include zero advertisements, QR code analytics, and design and unlimited QR codes creation. But these perks are available only for subscribers. This is a both static and dynamic QR code generator website.

You can create codes directing to various social media platforms, other URLs, business contact cards, and payment platforms like PayPal. QR code size, resolution, colours, shapes, and many more options are available to choose from. Also, you can include your business logo into the QR code.

With the help of this ad-free QR code generator website, you can print QR codes on products like t-shirts, mugs, business cards, and more.

5. Shopify’s QR Code Generator

This is another free QR code generator website which helps you to create customer interest, generate leads, and increase sales. The QR code generator by Shopify lets you input the contact details and URL. This QR code generator includes three steps.

Enter the email
Select the data type based on business requirement
QR code preview

The advantages involved along with the QR code creation constitute a significant plus point. You can buy an existing store on Shopify and start selling online. Free high-quality images are available for download.

6. Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator

This too is a free QR code generator website. They also provide you with both static and dynamic QR codes. A free custom QR code option is available, which is both quick and easy. You can opt for a 14-day free-trial to avail of some exclusive features. Dynamic QR codes are available only on subscription from this website. Hassle-free changes to the QR code information can be made in the dynamic QR codes available here.

Another advantage of a subscription is the availability of data-driven stats that judge how successful has the campaign been. Thus, you can make improvements to your campaigns. You can generate high-resolution QR codes of your desired format and make corrections to errors. A customized URL is created with the help of this QR code generator website. Also, the website provides bulk QR code generation.

7. Códigos QR

This is again a free QR code generator website. It is an open-source QR code generator. The free of cost QR codes can be downloaded for private, commercial, and advertising purposes. They generate QR codes in four simple steps.

Select the QR code type based on the kind of information you want to enter.
Fill in the information
Generate the QR
Download the QR code in the desired format.

8. Delivr's QR Code Generator

This QR code generator is free for the first 90 days of use. After completion of the trial period, the plans range from $ 25 to $ 995. They provide a variety of barcodes, exclusive metrics insight into the campaigns, and so many other attractive features. Also, there is no long term paperwork involved. You can opt for monthly contracts. Available plans on Delivr are as follows.

Free Plan ($0/month) for the first 90 days
Plus Plan ($25/month)
Prime Plan ($50/month)
VIP Plan ($125month)
Pro Plan ($995/month)
Enterprise Plan (Custom rates)

9. Snap Surveys QR Code Generator

This website is also a free QR code generator. The website helps you to save the URLs to a QR code, to make it easy to load a website in the future. They create QR codes for not just URLs, but contact cards, email, and other contact information also. The QR code helps to generate leads, create customer interest, and increase sales. Furthermore, the Snap Surveys website provides insight into the performance of the sales campaigns. Also, you can use the QR codes printed from Snap Surveys for all kinds of campaigns like lead generation, sales, advertising, and much more.

10. Scanova’s QR Code Generator

Again, a free QR code generator website for the first 14 days of use. Their QR codes can help create campaigns to drive traffic, acquire following on social media, share personalized content, contact information, gain subscribers, and most importantly share multimedia content also.

Their customization of QR code involves colours, designs, and logos. They provide dynamic QR codes which can be edited several times. They provide the scan tracking analytics, targeted QR code content based on your business requirement, customized landing pages, lead generation, HD QR codes, and several other features suitable for enterprises.

They provide multi-user access, bulk QR code generation, and campaign management also. The campaign management feature allows you to organize the QR codes and track analytics of the campaign. The Bulk QR code generator can create 100,000 QR codes in one go. The multi-user access feature helps you to permit users into three categories- Viewer, Manager, and Admin.

11. QR Code Generator - qrd.by

This website is not a free QR code generator. They do provide the first few free of cost QR codes, though. Pricing and quotations can be downloaded from their website itself. The website is providing attractive features like designer QR codes based on customer preferences and Dynamic QR codes that can be edited or changed at all times.

Also, the features involve an accurate tracking of the location where the QR code was scanned and proper scanning analytics to judge how successful the campaign was. You can download the codes in the formats of your choice. You can also generate the QR codes in Bulk through this website.

A scan notification lands in your email box whenever someone scans your code. Adding to the perks, the time zone of the user, and other very cool features make it a sure shot for enterprises. Customized URLs, shortened according to the required capacity are another fantastic thing to add.

12. Visualead QR Code Generator

This is a free QR code generator. They create visual QR codes. A simple four-step procedure is involved in this QR code generator website.

Select the QR code type, based on your business needs, input the URL, contact information, and other details.
Design the QR code, include your business logo, check for colours.
Check, download, and print the QR code.
Track the campaign performance based on the information insights.

Visual QR codes are attractive and engage more people. They create QR codes for everything under the sky. Kidding! You can save the URLs, contact cards, coupons, social media links, and other information in them.

The major plus points are that the QR codes can be edited, analytics can be easily tracked, and last but not the least, everything is available on a personalized dashboard.

Before winding up with this Long! Long! Blog, let us revise a few essential points from the top.

A QR code is a two-dimensional code built of a number of dots put together.
QR codes save vital campaigning information like contact, social media links, and v-cards.
Existing since 1994, the QR codes are a short form for Quick Response Code.
There are also several free and paid QR code generators available in the market; you can choose one based on your business needs.
QR code generators are software's that create QR codes and save the information in them.
QR codes are essential for businesses to judge their campaign success.
QR codes can be static or dynamic, based on the availability or unavailability of editing choice after creation.

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