Top 10 Best IT Project Management Software In 2022

IT Project Management Software is considered to be one of the most important parts of the business projects currently. The software is being used in IT businesses for planning projects, scheduling the projects, resource allocation, and changing management. It helps the project managers, users, and the stakeholders to control the costs, manage the budgeting, and a number of other important functions are also performed. This software is used for proper communication and collaboration between the project stakeholders. The IT project management tool can perform a number of functions that include planning a project, managing the tasks, sharing documents, sharing contacts and calendar, managing the errors and bugs, and it can also track time. To know more about the best IT project management software, you can consider the list that is given below by SoftwareWorld.

Best IT Project Management Software

What are the Best IT Project Management Software in 2022?

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best IT Project Management Software | Top Project Management Tools Reviews

1. Wrike– Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

Our Score 99/100

About Wrike : Leading project management solution to simplify planning, streamline workflow, to gain visibility and for collaboration; Wrike is the best online project management software for user or team where they can organize everything which needs to complete the project in one place. The software works for the marketing team, creative teams, project management teams, product development teams, business operation team, professional services team, and all IT teams.

Wrike IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Milestone Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Requirements Management, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum, Task Management, Testing / QA Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“With everything contained in Wrike, we were able to leverage Wrike’s functionality to increase the quality of our assets across the board, make sure they were consistent, and also see where we were being efficient.” – Hoon Kim

Wrike Reviews


United States

501 – 1000



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1540+ Reviews


1080+ Reviews

2. Workfront – Enterprise work management software

Our Score 98/100

About Workfront : Transform your work and connect your enterprise with Workfront; the best online work management software for IT, Marketing Department, Agencies, Product Development Team, and professional service providers. The software’s easy-to-use solutions help team prioritize work so they can deliver work on time, every time. Workfront makes streamline work processes so the team can work faster and deliver the quality to customers or clients. The user can connect with their work and increase productivity and customers’ trust level with the software.

Workfront IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Percent-Complete Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Requirements Management, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum, Task Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“Workfront allows us to measure our work and report back on our successes. Reporting enables us to translate the team’s hard work into quantifiable results for our leadership team.” – Cynthia Boon

Workfront Reviews


United States

501 – 1000





990+ Reviews


710+ Reviews

3. Targetprocess – Visual tool for Agile project management (Scrum, Kanban)

Our Score 97/100

About Targetprocess : Increase enterprise agile planning with Targetprocess; the project management software offers visual and flexible ways to adopt and scale agile. The user can visually manage complex work easily and reduce clutter and only focus on those things which one matters for quality project completion. It’s an easy-to-use platform available for SaaS and On-Premise. It’s also accessible through mobile and available on App Store and Google Play store.

Targetprocess IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Percent-Complete Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Product Roadmapping, Requirements Management, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum, Task Management, Testing / QA Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“Targetprocess is a great tool for Agile and Scrum. Targetprocess really allowed us to customize the tool to fit how we do business and manage our projects. The customizable boards really helped us see the data in the right way fort he right scenario. We could move our projects through the SDLF with ease with Targetprocess.” – Jon S.

Targetprocess Reviews



51 – 200





530+ Reviews


170+ Reviews

4. LiquidPlanner – Dynamic project management software for modern business

Our Score 96/100

About LiquidPlanner : The better way to plan & execute work; LiquidPlanner is leading online project management software to eliminate outdated plans and missed deadlines; your team can get more done through the software. The business team can easily focus on priorities where they can always do right work at the right time. The software offers to adapt to change feature where smart projects schedules automatically predict reliable finish date.

LiquidPlanner IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Percent-Complete Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum, Task Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“What LiquidPlanner provides to us is the ability to understand where we are at any point, and then we can dig in and understand why we’re there. The ability to see that is immensely valuable to someone in my position.”- Michael C. Moed

LiquidPlanner Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


620+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

5. Freshservice – A complete IT service management (ITSM) tool for business

Our Score 96/100

About Freshservice : Freshservice is IT project management software to modernize IT and other business functions with simple-to-configure IT service desk solution in the cloud. It’s easy to use and multi-channel support software to automate tasks and provide support for issues raised via email, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in person. The User can maintain the records and information at their fingertips. Freshservice is also available on iOS and Android devices.

Freshservice IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Percent-Complete Tracking, Prioritization, Requirements Management, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Task Management, Testing / QA Management

“The reports in Freshservice are great – we were able to get started with them immediately. The only change was to make them our company colours! This ability to automate reporting and provide insights to our team and to other stakeholders provides a more accurate picture of our efforts around end-to-end incident management,” – Simon

Freshservice Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


360+ Reviews


700+ Reviews

6. ClickUp– Project management & work collaboration

Our Score 94/100

About ClickUp : Discover the best IT project management software with leading productivity platform; ClickUp is the best productivity platform offers different ways of viewing tasks and it really makes task management easier. The user can create their own workflow to fit their team and create work checklist through ClickUp. The software offers extremely powerful features for project management like task checklist, filter & search, collaboration detection, super-rich editing, custom notification, drag & drop recording and much more.

ClickUp IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Percent-Complete Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Product Roadmapping, Requirements Management, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum, Task Management, Testing / QA Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“Better productivity, less stress about missing key information on the multiple concurrent projects I run as a freelancer web developer / designer. Clarity into where each project is, what to do next, what’s holding it back, what I’m waiting on from clients. Best Project & Task Management out if dozens I’ve tried” – Ovidiu S.

ClickUp Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


1440+ Reviews


910+ Reviews

7. WorkOtter – Cloud based project portfolio management (PPM) solution

Our Score 93/100

About WorkOtter : Get more work done with the resources you have through WorkOtter; project portfolio resource management software offers improved project management solution to enterprises and small businesses. WorkOtter is known as the most affordable vendor on Gartner Magic Quadrant. Many renowned companies have used WorkOtter to streamline their entire project delivery lifecycle. The software is really helpful to reduce endless status meetings.

WorkOtter IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Percent-Complete Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Product Roadmapping, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum, Task Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“WorkOtter lets me easily track and manage the assignments of resources while juggling multiple programs and client needs. None of my other tools have been hindered since I can hook right into MS Project and still provide the other reports my stakeholders are looking for.” – Andrew M.

WorkOtter Reviews


United States

11 – 50





130+ Reviews


05 Reviews

8. Backlog – Online project management tool for developers

Our Score 92/100

About Backlog : Release high-quality software and web projects faster with Backlog; the leading online IT project management software for developers offers project management, bug tracking, task management, version control, and much more features to increase the efficiency of the developer team. The user can find the visual approach of project management and track work progress through Backlog. It really offers the best platform for quality work collaboration.

Backlog IT Project Management Features : Bug Tracking, Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Percent-Complete Tracking, Prioritization, Product Roadmapping, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Task Management, Testing / QA Management

“Previously, I used spreadsheets and emails to handle our project management. The process was time consuming and difficult to manage. Backlog made it easy to follow the progress of projects and assess risks.” – Atsuyuki Matsuda

Backlog Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


50+ Reviews


70+ Reviews

9. ProWorkflow – Project Management & Time Tracking For Teams Of Any Size.

Our Score 91/100

About ProWorkflow : The best online project management software offers robust tools for project management like a dashboard, timeline, collaboration, timesheet, API, project details, task management, powerful reporting, invoices manager, notification/alerts, data security feature, file sharing tool and much more. It’s easy to integrate software with the third-party platforms. ProWorkflow is also accessible through mobile anytime, anywhere. It provides the best way to increase productivity with high-level quality.

ProWorkflow IT Project Management Features : Milestone Tracking, Portfolio Management, Prioritization, Requirements Management, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Task Management, Time & Expense Tracking

“Our team are able to collaborate & we are able to manage both projects (development/design) as well as monthly recurring tasks (agency social media posting/community management). We have a greater transparency with clients & are overall much productive.” – Jessica Rose M.

ProWorkflow Reviews

ProActive Software

New Zealand

11 – 50





190+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

10. Taiga – Project management platform for agile developers & designers

Our Score 90/100

About Taiga : Discover the best way of project management for agile developers and designers with Taiga; the software offers powerful, simple & intuitive, highly designed, and customizable platform for quality project management. The user can keep a list of issues and assign the issues to the right person in the team to fix it; he/she can also monitor each issue through the software. The software also provides the best task management solution to the team members and much more.

Taiga IT Project Management Features : Percent-Complete Tracking, Product Roadmapping, Status Tracking, Task Management

“Are you an agile person? You should use taiga. It’s an amazing software to manage projects. Maybe the best tool to work with agile methodologies of projects management! Agile teams love this tool because of it ease of use and all the functionalities it has! I highly recommend this software.” – Jesús G.

Taiga Reviews

United States

11 – 50





70+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

11. ZenHub – Agile project management for GitHub

Our Score 89/100

About ZenHub : The user can manage their GitHub issues through ZenHub; it’s an agile project management software for GitHub. ZenHub is data-driven project management software especially built for developers where they directly work in GitHub. The user can pull request from any browser or device and track team plans, report on the progress of GitHub issues through ZenHub. The software breaks down complex projects into small and management tasks to align team.

ZenHub IT Project Management Features : Issue Management, Milestone Tracking, Resource Management, Status Tracking, Supports Agile, Supports Scrum

“Awesome when paired with GitHub. ZenHub’s kanban view is great for me to understand my project management easily with its ability to filter vastly!” – Missy Y.

ZenHub Reviews



11 – 50





20+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top IT Project Management Software

IT Project Management Features Wrike Workfront Targetprocess LiquidPlanner Freshservice ClickUp WorkOtter Backlog ProWorkflow Taiga
Price $9.80/ month/user $30.00/ month/user $20.00/ month/user $45.00/ month/user $19.00/ month/user $5.00/ month/user $10.00/ month/user $18.00/ month $10.00/ month/user $3.00/ month
Bug Tracking                
Issue Management              
Milestone Tracking                
Percent-Complete Tracking                
Portfolio Management              
Product Roadmapping          
Requirements Management            
Resource Management                
Status Tracking                    
Supports Agile                
Supports Scrum            
Task Management                    
Testing / QA Management          
Time & Expense Tracking              

IT Project Management Software Buyer's Guide

Project managers and teams can easily complete client requirements, manage time and budget, and scope limitations with the help of IT project management software. Several small and medium-sized businesses are using IT project management software as it plays a crucial role in IT operations. Organizations can make changes in their strategies and achieve their goals with the help of the software.

» What is IT Project Management Software?

IT Project Management Software refers to the applications that are intended to make project delivery and make it more efficient easy. Organizations can set more realistic milestones and deadlines, automate assignments while focusing on your deliverables consistently with the help of project management software.

» What are the Features of IT Project Management Software?

You need to understand IT project management software to select the right software platform for your organization. The software enables your company to oversee tasks, monitor projects, archive work-related files, and perform various operations effectively and easily. Organizations tend to choose the most popular project management software, but what’s most important is choosing the right one that suits your requirements.

There are several options available for project management software to choose which are confusing. Here are the key features of the software that you should look for before invest in one.

› Task Management:

Your chosen software should be able to set dependencies on the task along with the management of subtasks from huge tasks. You should be able to set the tasks to repeat them at a specified time and date as well as assigning users to those tasks.

› Team Collaboration:

This feature allows any number of team members to communicate and hold work-related discussions. IT project management tools provide virtual space to create discussions easily and save its history, create documents and share them, sends alerts, notifications, and private messages to several recipients.

› Learning Materials:

The software must allow every team member to get access to adequate materials. It should serve all levels of users, no matter if they want to learn by reading articles, or participating in a webinar, or watching videos.

› Customization:

The best IT project management software allows its users to get customization for their brand and their requirements. This feature can be vital for some users, while for some it is not useful enough.

› Scheduling:

Your software allows you to set tasks schedules, create milestones and timelines, and decide on dependencies and resources. This is core functionality that many buyers consider to be present in their software. However, for companies who do simple projects with small teams within a short duration, this feature is not useful.

› Reporting:

All project management software has this functionality, as this is extremely important. However, the software should contain different kinds of customizable reports to have a definite advantage out of them.

» What are the Benefits of IT Project Management Software?

IT Project management software programs are associated with time management, project planning, and resource allocation for change management. Several other benefits of project management software an organization are:

› Easy Collaboration:

The software gives employees a method to collaborate on the projects by discussing timelines, documents, outstanding work, and more.

› Budget Management: 

The software helps your managers to determine the work budget, as the success of any business depends on on-time product delivery to their clients.

› Communication: 

The software develops a bridge for both internal and external communication regarding tasks and projects. The software allows your clients to log in and view information about their project data. They can also provide valuable feedback, make edits, and review.

› Monitoring: 

The best IT project management system monitors the work progress of projects at various stages, providing insights into the project's finishing time.

› Document Sharing: 

Be it an integrated third-party system or the tool within the company, the project management software enables document sharing to find a wide range of documents that allows communication and transparency.

› Maximize Decision Making: 

The software assists you in making the right decisions that enhance the decision process with much accuracy. This is possible as you will have all the required details of the project at one designated place.

› Improved Customer Satisfaction: 

The software allows the customer and supplier relationship to carry on. You can focus on and meet your goals to improve your delivery as well as the success rate by applying basic project management strategies.

› Remote Working: 

The best project management software offers flexible and effective remote working for users without getting detached from their team. Users can get access to all resources while working remotely, with the help of the software.

» What is the Cost of IT Project Management Software?

All sizes of businesses manage numerous projects, plans, people, and tasks. Having project management software in their business helps them to keep everything in structure while planning and running projects. The software does not compromise on accuracy while being predictable and profitable. Generally, the best approach to understand the product is to try their free trial plans. You can even request a demo from the project management software vendors to find out the key features of their product.

This way you can get a first-hand comparison of project management tools before you invest your money in one of them. Once you finish your comparisons, you can look for the best product that suits your organization. You should also consider what their cancellation and refund policies are if you do not feel happy with the product. Usually, the price starts from $25/user/month or $450/user/annually.

» Conclusion

Deciding to invest in an IT project management software is essential, but it is also important to see how experts evaluate that particular software product you are willing to buy. You will need to find real people and companies who purchased the same product you are interested in and find out about their level of satisfaction regarding the product. Find out if the software is flexible, depending on your business plans and strategies. In the end, establish the perfect software for your business, so, your organization can organize plans quickly and effectively.

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